Hog's Breath Restaurant

So, you've been dining in Carmel and you find that you are getting tired of California cuisine. Is there no hope of finding a restaurant in California for someone who desires a big red bacon cheeseburger and an order of fries? Never fear! The Hogs Breath Carmel is here!

The Hogs Breath, Carmel was once owned by former Carmel Mayor and well-known actor, Clint Eastwood. Although he sold the Hogs Breath Carmel a few years ago, and now owns another restaurant in California, this Carmel by the Sea Restaurant still has a number of items on the menu that bear Mr. Eastwood's signature. For example, beef-eaters will want to check out the Dirty Harry Burger. For dinner, the Hogs Breath Carmel serves up the Dirty Harry Dinner, which features chopped sirloin steak, wild mushrooms, horseradish and whole grain mushroom sauce and garlic mashed potatoes.

Finding a Carmel by the Sea Restaurant that actually serves menu items such as Hog Chops, Beef Chili New York Steak and Prime Ribs may be challenging. However, these items are on the menu at the Hogs Breath Carmel. The Hogs Breath house wine is their proprietary label, and the local beer on tap is called, what else, Hogs Breath Ale.

By now, vegetarians or those who avoid beef may be feeling apprehensive about the Hogs Breath, Carmel. This need not be so. After all, this is Carmel California! Start with the Castroville Artichoke Soup. Then try the Portobello Mushroom Burger, which features a broiled and marinated Portobello served with melted Swiss cheese and beer-battered onion rings. The Vegetable Lasagna is served with a smoked onion port wine marinara sauce. If you wished your friends or family had chosen a Carmel by the Sea restaurant that featured the famous California Cuisine, the Hogs Breath, Carmel will not disappoint. The Roasted Turkey sandwich is served with a cranberry, orange and pecan relish. Nothing says California more than that. For dinner, try the Humongous Fungus, which is a marinated Portobello mushroom served gorgonzola cheese, a Marsala wine sauce and leeks. The Peppered Seared Ahi Tuna coated with black and white Sesame seeds, and the Hazelnut Salmon will surely satisfy.

The Hogs Breath, Carmel has an old west ambience. The patio features a scenic mural. Paintings of Clint Eastwood can be found throughout the restaurant, as well as fireplaces and mounted hog heads. The Hogs Breath is definitely a Carmel by the Sea restaurant that is worth a visit.



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