Joshua Tree

If you like the tranquility and peace of the desert, a visit to Joshua Tree will reward you with clean air, great views, and the some of the most impressive moments of your California vacation. In every region of the state, from the foggy cliffs of the Northern Coast to the miles of clean sandy beach, nature takes the stage. Visitors to the Golden State spend a lot of time outside exploring natural landmarks that are the destinations for California travel to the outdoors.

Joshua Tree National Park
Joshua Tree National Park

There are tons of State Parks and national monuments in California like Yosemite and Death Valley. With so many different regions, outdoor attractions can be anything from the sulfur pools on Mt Lassen to the Giant Sierra Redwoods in the Sequoia National Forest. Joshua Tree is named after its most notable feature, which is the twisted spiky Joshua Trees. The Mojave Desert is the only place in the worlds that the Joshua Tree grows. These trees range in size from 15 to 40 feet.

Joshua Tree California
Joshua Tree California

Joshua Tree Park is near the borders of the Sonoran and the Mojave deserts. The Mojave spreads out into Nevada, so all you see for miles is the hot California deserts. The Sonoran Desert part of Joshua Tree has Cholla cactus and other desert plants like Creosote bush that you will recognize, while the Mojave Desert part of Joshua Tree National Park is colder, with higher elevations and forests of Joshua Trees.

A scenic drive in Joshua Tree National Park takes you through Pinto Basin past granite boulder studded mountains, and up into the valleys that is filled with the namesake trees. Over 558,000 acres of the desert is set aside as a place for you to enjoy and explore on your California vacation.

Today, Joshua Tree National Park is the prime setting for rock climbing and sightseeing on your California vacation in one the most interesting desert setting. 75 percent of the park is designated wilderness, and despite the fact that lots of visitors from Los Angeles and Southern California come here, the atmosphere here is relaxed.

If you California travel plans consist of a whirlwind driving tour of the state, and already visited San Francisco, drove on Highway 1 and did the scenic 17 Mile Drive, but got to Southern California beaches and didn't want the fun to end, you can keep driving and head east to visit Joshua Tree. Joshua Tree is a place that you can experience some of the most tranquil moments in California travel plans, and keep the magic alive a little bit longer.

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