La Playa Hotel

The history of La Playa Hotel Carmel is closely related to Carmel's dramatic past. This Carmel inn was designed in 1905 by the artist Christopher Jorgensen. Jorgensen was a true romantic. He wanted a luxurious home for his lovely bride, who was fortunate enough to be a member of San Francisco's famous Ghirardelli chocolate clan. In 1906, the Jorgensen's left Carmel. They leased their home to Agnes "Alice" Signor. Alice in turn brought a new type of energy to La Playa. La Playa would remain in the Signor family for many years. Her nephews Harrison and Fred Godwin would later inherit the property.

In 1952, the Carmel inn was leased to a well-known successful hotelier. La Playa hotel Carmel would pass through a few hands until 1986, when the Cope family purchased La Playa. By then, it had become somewhat run down. The original mansion from which the La Playa Hotel Carmel had evolved had been adjoined with a second building. This building had been constructed in the 1920's. Most of the guest rooms were housed here. The Copes installed a two-level brick patio. Its wrought-iron was gazebo replaced with a larger one. They upgraded the surrounding gardens and landscaping. The guest rooms of the classic La Playa Hotel, Carmel were repainted in order to complement the breathtaking views of the magnificent ocean. Since the Cope family had an extensive collection of European antiques, artwork and California memorabilia, they keen to import it in order to enhance this wonderful Carmel inn décor. Although the makeover cost about $5 million, it only needed an eight-month shutdown. La Playa Hotel, Carmel once again opened its doors on July 15, 1984. It has since become one of the most popular Carmel inns. As a member of the Historic Hotels of America, this classic venue for lodging in Carmel California pays homage to Carmel California's past.

When looking for lodging in Carmel California, many people are concerned about the décor of the guest rooms. Rest assured La Playa Hotel Carmel will not disappoint you! The Village-view rooms overlook the residential homes and cypress trees that are typical of Carmel California. The Garden and ocean-view rooms provide you with spectacular vistas of the award-winning formal gardens, as well as awesome views of the sea. The Specialty Rooms & Suites at La Playa Hotel, Carmel provide additional space and upgraded features.

Spa treatments are another important aspect of lodging in Carmel, California. At La Playa Hotel, Carmel, they do them quite well. Choose from aromatherapy or therapeutic massage, as well as a variety of unique facials.

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