Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is a year round alpine destination set in the High Sierra, close to the border of Nevada. There is a 95-mile scenic drive around the Lake that is a great way to spend an afternoon. You can take all afternoon to do this because there are so many great turn offs to take pictures at.

In the winter, the ski resorts around Lake Tahoe come to life with skiing, snowboarders, and sledders, and in the summer, the ski runs become hiking trails and the shores of the Lake invite you to sunbath. With so much to do year-round, families that live in Northern California and San Francisco come here again and again, where they stay on the south and south shore Lake Tahoe vacation rentals. Visitors rent boats and like to fish in Lake Tahoe during the summer.

From the sky lodges to the cozy bed and breakfasts, there is are many different options of Lake Tahoe lodging. Lake Tahoe is not just a highbrow ski area. The summer sees visitors camping, hiking the trails on the peaks, and enjoying the relaxed pace of a California Vacation by the lake. Lake Tahoe vacation rentals give you the space and privacy you want to enjoy on a relaxed lakeside vacation. With 300 days on sunshine of year, families love to spend their precious time at Lake Tahoe, so the value, convenience and amenities of Lake Tahoe Vacation rentals are the way to go.

Lake Tahoe is 12 miles wide and is 22 miles long. Most of the shore of the eastern side of the lake falls into the State of Nevada. This clear, glacial lake is set in the high elevation of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. There are other California Mountains in the state that has recreational areas such as Mammoth Mountain to the south.

While the lake is too cold for swimming, in the wintertime, the ski resorts come to life. Some of these resorts have all-inclusive deals that let you ski and stay all in one price. Lake Tahoe ski packages save you time by making it so you only have to buy one pass, instead of airfare, lodging, entrance fees, and equipment rentals. Harrah's Lake Tahoe Resort Casino and the Hyatt High Sierra Lodge are two hotels that might be included in Lake Tahoe ski packages.

Major ski resorts in the area like Heavenly, Squaw Valley, Kirkwood and Northstar at Tahoe have the best value. By booking Lake Tahoe ski packages with accommodations at the resorts instead of one that uses an area hotel, then you can actually save quite a lot.

The lake has a well-developed tourist infrastructure, so you will never be struggling to find somewhere to stay when you visit. Although it is wise to save in advance or get a ski Package, the most convenient way to secure your Lake Tahoe lodging is to make a reservation.

Whether you're looking to camp, or be pampered at all hotel and spa, Lake Tahoe lodging offers you just as much variety as there are things to do, and gives you the setting you want to have on your California Vacation.

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