Lake Tahoe Attractions

Lake Tahoe attractions have much to offer for lovers of the outdoors. Located on the border between California and Nevada in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in the USA and the second-deepest (after Crater Lake in Oregon), and some of the most popular tourist attractions in Tahoe include enjoying the lake in the summer. In the winter, the most popular activities usually involve skiing at one of the excellent ski resorts.

Lake Tahoe tourism is perfect for skiers—the area has the largest concentration in the US of ski resorts. Among the best are Mt. Rose, Northstar at Tahoe, Squaw Valley, Sierra-at-Tahoe, Heavenly, Alpine Meadows, and Kirkwood. With 525 groomed ski trails, 125 ski lifts, and a variety of beginner, intermediate, and advanced trails, skiing at one of these Lake Tahoe resorts is sure to be a memorable experience. Lake Tahoe is an ideal place to go skiing, with its pristine beauty, 300 days of sunshine a year, and ample snowfall up in the mountains.

The lodges at the ski resorts also provide a cozy and comfortable place to eat and rest, with panoramic views of the mountaintops. Look out for ski packages that include multiple-day lift tickets, skiing lessons for young and old, and accommodations at the ski resorts. Lake Tahoe has a long ski season, usually from mid-November until April, and sometimes even longer. Most of the ski resorts are clustered around the northern end of the lake.

The cities near Lake Tahoe also feature among the tourist attractions in Tahoe. Tahoe City, on the northwest side of the lake, is a relaxed mountain town that primarily caters to travelers on their way to experience Lake Tahoe recreation. There are a number of hotels in the town, as well as grocery stores, bars and restaurants, and a marina where you can rent a boat to go out on the lake. South Lake Tahoe is the other major town on the shores of the lake. A larger, more bustling town than Tahoe City, South Lake Tahoe has some casinos on the eastern side of town that are also popular with Lake Tahoe tourism.

In the summer, Lake Tahoe attractions include water sports and relaxing on the beach by the clear waters of this alpine lake. With its crystal clear waters, Lake Tahoe is a prime destination for advanced scuba diving. Beginners are not recommended to attempt scuba diving here, however, as the lake's elevation make it riskier for decompression sickness. Other activities for Lake Tahoe tourism include boating, lake cruises, sailing competitions, and other water sports. There are also many lakefront restaurants that allow you to dine with a view of the lake and mountains.

Hiking and mountain biking on the hundreds of trails around the lake are other popular Lake Tahoe attractions. The Tahoe Rim Hiking Trail, which circles the circumference of the lake, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Tahoe. There are also many paved trails for biking. Nearby, the Granite Chief Wilderness area and the Desolation Wilderness are popular locations for hiking and wilderness camping, as is the Eldorado National Forest. The number of outdoor things to do in Tahoe makes it a terrific place for anyone looking to get away from the city, and there are plenty of Tahoe hotels to suit travelers on any budget.

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