Lake Tahoe Casinos

Lake Tahoe casinos are the perfect addition to a vacation here. After all, what else could possibly make a majestic lake with a mountain backdrop, endless outdoor activities, and year-round fun any better? The fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down in Lake Tahoe. After a day spent white water rafting or hiking, unwind at a wine tasting, enjoy superb views of the lake over a fine-dining experience, or head to a South Lake Tahoe casino to try your luck. From blackjack to live musical entertainment, you’ll find something different every night at casinos in Stateline. Don’t stay out too late though— there’s plenty to do once the sun comes up again!

One complaint many travelers have about mountain destinations is a lack of action and nightlife. Lake Tahoe doesn’t suffer from this criticism; in fact, most visitors will find it difficult to even dip their toes in the wide offerings of nightlife that Lake Tahoe has to offer. Whether you’re looking for low stakes, high stakes, or no stakes at all, Lake Tahoe will keep you entertained all night long. Beyond Lake Tahoe casinos, there are many options for nightlife for families as well, including outdoor concerts and movies at the beach in Tahoe City. Bring the kids along if you like, but be sure to sneak out one night to visit the casinos in Stateline.

Every visitor leaves with a new favorite casino, and for many people, this is a South Lake Tahoe Casino. South shore choices include MontBleu (pictured), Harrah’s, Horizon, Harveys, and the Lakeside Inn. If you’re staying on the North Shore, don’t worry; there are choices for Lake Tahoe casinos there too. Incline Village’s Hyatt Regency, and the Cal-Neva or Biltmore in Crystal Bay, satisfy the gambling urge for anyone staying on the North Shore. While some people choose to stay at a South lake Tahoe casino, this isn’t necessary to gamble. Traveling from a hotel, inn, or vacation rental to the casino is simple.

Come and see for yourself and try and decide on the best casino near Tahoe. Returning travelers and locals all have their favorites, and some people return only to casinos where they have had some luck. If you’re looking for nightlife beyond casinos, there are other options including dining, boat cruises of the lake, live shows and entertainment, or a barbecue at your own vacation rental. Many of the casinos also boast their own shows as well. This is part of the appeal of Lake Tahoe: Your nights will be just as full as your days. Bring your energy along to this destination—you’re going to need it to keep up!

The casinos in Stateline are some of the most popular along the lake. These casino resorts also offer accommodation, so if you’re traveling to Lake Tahoe with gambling on the mind, you may want to choose to stay at these. During busy seasons you may find some of them to be sold out, so try and make reservations ahead of time whenever possible. If you’re traveling in winter, many people choose to stay at ski resorts and head to the casinos in the evening. Whatever you’re looking for, there will be a casino and accommodation match for you in Lake Tahoe.

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