Eldorado National Forest

Eldorado National Forest is a huge draw in the Tahoe area, and outdoor enthusiasts flock here for the incredible scenery, a variety of activities, and the chance to reconnect with Mother Nature. Some of the best hiking in Tahoe can be found in this state park, including an area called Desolation Wilderness. Whether you are a serious trekker looking for your next challenge, or a family looking for a place to have a summer picnic, this area around Lake Tahoe won’t disappoint. After your hike, spend some time relaxing on the beaches or head out on the water for a sail.

Adventurous travelers will have their sights set on Pyramid Peak. This mountain is the tallest peak in Desolation Wilderness, reaching nearly 10,000 feet. The climb is a challenging one, but every summer, visitors arrive on the Rocky Canyon route to try and conquer the mountain and enjoy its beautiful vistas. For those with less ambitions of reaching the top of Pyramid Peak, there is a beautiful lake at the base of the mountain called Pyramid Lake. This backcountry lake is a beautiful destination and worth hiking to in itself. Whether you want an arduous climb or a relaxed walk, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the Eldorado National Forest.

The Eldorado National Forest is a vast state park, encompassing more than 786,000 acres. People travel here not only for the spectacular scenery, but also to participate in a variety of activities including fishing, hunting, hiking, and simply picnicking. The forest is known for its vegetation, such as picturesque conifer, fir, and subalpine trees. From camping sites to fishing holes, people who want to escape modern reality find exactly what they’re looking for in these forests. Elevations here vary from 1,600 feet to more than10,000 feet above sea level; this means that it would be possible to return every year and always see something new across this vast forest.

Desolation Wilderness is a protected area located within the Eldorado National Forest. It is located southwest of Lake Tahoe and clocks in at more than 63,000 acres. A popular destination for trekking, Desolation Wilderness is known especially for one characteristic: barren rocky terrain. At the edge of the tree line, much of this part of the forest is areas of bare granite. It is a beautiful sight to see set against the rest of the forest and the mountain backdrop. There are many waterfalls to see here, and hikers often set out for Horsetail Falls for the view.

Within Desolation Wilderness, the highest mountain is Pyramid Peak. Visitors should be aware that permits are required for not only overnight camping, but day use as well. During the popular time of summer, a quota system is used to make sure that only a certain number of people are in the park at any one time, so be sure to plan ahead. Wildlife is very common in this area, and hikers might encounter black bears, porcupine, and deer. Common fish include rainbow trout and mountain birds include the Golden Eagle. Eldorado National Forest is the ideal place to leave behind your normal frenzied life, and reconnect with nature. From Kings Beach to Zephyr Cove, you’ll be glad you left the chaos of the city behind.

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