Lake Tahoe Events

Lake Tahoe events run all throughout the year at this popular tourist destination, with Tahoe golf events, marathons, sailing competitions, theatre, ski and snowboard events, and more to make your vacation memorable. Attending one of the local events is a unique way to connect with the area, and in addition to the usual things to do, such as skiing or going to the beaches, it’s a fun way to pass the time on any Tahoe vacation.

In January, head to the slopes for the USASA Snowboard Races for one of the most exciting and best events in South Lake Tahoe, whether or not you’re a snowboarder yourself. This amateur snowboarding event is held at the Kirkwood ski resort at the south end of the lake. It includes a slalom race and other races, with the winner eligible to compete for the national championships. In March, don't miss the Torchlight Parade and Fireworks, an exciting event where skiers descend the slopes with torches amid a fantastic fireworks display.

The American Century Championship at the Edgewood Golf Course is one of the most anticipated Tahoe golf events of the year. At this July event, celebrities such as Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, and Don Cheadle, among others, try their skill against one another in a nationally televised event to benefit the Livestrong Foundation and its fight against cancer. Those of us who are not famous can still participate in this most famous of Tahoe golf events—tickets to see the celebrity action are available through the American Century Championship, as is information about lodging at or near Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course.

One of the biggest Lake Tahoe events in the summer is the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival. From July to August, stage performances based on Shakespeare's plays will be performed at Sand Harbor at a state-of-the-art venue right on the beach. Enjoy an evening under the stars as talented performers bring Shakespeare's works to live on the open-air stage. The Shakespeare Festival is one of the most famous and long-running festivals in Tahoe; it’s now in its 38th year. One of their popular performances is the long-lived London play, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged), where you can see all of Shakespeare's plays in one night performed in a hilarious and rollicking comedy.

Another one of the famous Lake Tahoe events is the Lake Tahoe Music Festival, the summer-long music series in North Lake Tahoe. An impressive line-up of bands from diverse backgrounds such as classical music, reggae, rock and pop, perform at various venues, including museums, street festivals, hotels, restaurants, and beaches, many of them performing for free.

Some of the best events in South Lake Tahoe include the Fine Arts Festival at Kings Beach in August, with professional artists exhibiting a variety of art, and the Lake Tahoe Marathon in September. The Lake Tahoe Marathon is one of the biggest and best events in South Lake Tahoe for people of all skill levels who enjoy outdoor activity, and you can choose between several events such as a triathlon, a marathon walk, relays, kayak and bike races, and more.

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