Lake Tahoe Flights

Lake Tahoe flights are often the easiest way to get to the area, even if you live within driving distance. There are plenty of options for flights if you’re planning to spend your vacation in Tahoe, and most people flying to the area fly to Reno International Airport, about an hour's drive away from Lake Tahoe and hosting plenty of low-cost carriers. Daily nonstop Lake Tahoe flights arrive from major cities all over the US, such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Denver, Salt Lake City, Dallas, Portland, Las Vegas, and Seattle. There are also many more one-stop flights that can fly to Reno from almost anywhere in North America. The airport is a busy one, with millions of passengers every year en route to Tahoe.

Airlines that fly through the Reno-Tahoe International Airport include Alaska Airlines, Horizon Air, American Airlines, United, Delta, Southwest, and US Airways. Keep an eye out for cheap flights to Tahoe by checking online listings, especially last-minute budget fares. You may also be able to find deals on cheap flights to Tahoe with vacation packages, which can include flights, hotels, and car rentals. Some airlines offer a combination deal with ski resorts during the ski season, which allow you to combine your flight with discount lift tickets and rooms at one of the Lake Tahoe hotels.

If you decide to fly to Reno International Airport, there are numerous conveniences and amenities offered by the airport, in addition to some great cheap flights to Tahoe. There are several options for car rentals at the airport, with eight different car rental companies to compare rates among. The car rental counters are located at baggage check. There are also shuttle services to Lake Tahoe—for instance, the South Tahoe Express provides service between Reno International Airport and several South Lake Tahoe resorts. Prices are affordable, though you may want to consider a car rental for greater flexibility and convenience when traveling around Lake Tahoe, particularly if you want to drive yourself to area attractions such as Eldorado National Forest.

There are also several complimentary shuttles to hotels in Reno, if you're staying there before heading off to Lake Tahoe. You can also take advantage of the restaurants and free internet access available at the airport, and there are several hotels located conveniently nearby, such as the Best Western, if you just need a place to stay the night for a late-arriving or early-departing flight.

If you are an aviation buff, you might consider an alternative to Lake Tahoe flights: flying straight into Truckee-Tahoe airport, located just three miles from downtown Truckee. This small public-use airport receives Truckee flights from private or chartered planes, whether you are just a passenger, or in the cockpit. Big Foot Air operates charter plans that fly between San Francisco and Truckee, and Gary Air is an air taxi company that flies from several cities in California. There are plenty of hotels in Truckee as well, making this a convenient option to stay near your airport.

Whether you decide to fly to Lake Tahoe or drive from a nearby city, come prepared for an amazing vacation—skiing the slopes high up in the mountains, or in the summer, scuba diving, fishing, boating, and having lots of fun with the whole family. The list of things to do in Tahoe is lengthy, and there’s plenty to entertain almost any traveler.

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