Lake Tahoe Golfing

Lake Tahoe golfing might not be the first outdoor activity you hear about this destination. Firmly established as a winter wonderland and skiing destination, and also gaining a reputation as a great place for boating, white water rafting, hiking, and relaxing on the beach, Lake Tahoe has all the seasons covered. And yet the knowledgeable golfer will be aware that Tahoe golf courses are just as legendary as the lake, the mountains, and the fresh air. Golf in Tahoe includes championship courses with the spectacular backdrop of the mountains and forests; you could hardly imagine a better place for a round of 18.

As interest in the sport has risen in recent decades, more effort has gone into developing the courses, and Lake Tahoe golfing is continually improving. Many local resorts make it easy and affordable to golf in Tahoe with membership packages that combine golfing in the summer, and skiing in the winter. These types of packages have driven even more interest into Tahoe golf courses, creating a destination where many travelers choose to visit twice in each calendar year. The quality of the ski runs and the quality of the golf courses makes Lake Tahoe the top choice for vacations in both seasons.

The options for Lake Tahoe golfing are spread on the North Shore, South Lake Tahoe, and Truckee as well. Championship courses designed by Jack Nicklaus and Robert Trent Jones are located on the North Shore, while the renowned Edgewood Tahoe is located on the South Shore. There are many Tahoe golf courses in Truckee as well, and the number keeps rising. With nine courses as of 2010, Truckee is quickly growing as a golfing destination, especially as many of the courses are affordable and family friendly. Many golfers also love that the ball flies farther in the thin mountain air, so get ready to add twenty yards to your drive!

No matter where you plan to play, Lake Tahoe golf tee times are valuable amenities. You will want to make reservations ahead of time, especially during the popular summer months, and especially on weekends. It is possible to play last-minute rounds in some of the courses in Truckee, and in the off-season. Lake Tahoe is also a great place to improve your golf game. Before you head out on the course, take a lesson or two, and put your new theories into practice. The best part about golf in Tahoe is the amazing views and the fresh mountain air, so don’t forget to stop and smell the roses along the way!

Lake Tahoe golfing is only the beginning of the outdoor experiences you can enjoy during your trip. After a round of 18 in the morning, why not head out for a kayaking tour, give fishing a try, or go on a hike in the Eldorado National Forest? New activities from tubing to mountain climbing will all be on your doorstep in Lake Tahoe, so no matter how much you love golf, be sure to squeeze in some other activities as well. Nightlife is also popular here, with casinos, fine dining, and live entertainment maintaining the fun after dark. At any time of year, Lake Tahoe is an amazing destination for the whole family.

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