Kings Beach Tahoe

Kings Beach Tahoe is a relaxed mountain village on the north shore of the lake, and it’s perfect for a little R&R. From its signature public beach to Kings Beach hotels, this area of Lake Tahoe was built for people who want to relax in a stunning natural environment. Whether you choose to go for a swim in Agate Bay or hit the hiking trails of nearby Tahoe National Forest, there are many opportunities to enjoy the sun and fresh mountain air. If you’re looking for beaches in Tahoe that offer peace and quiet, beautiful scenery, and easy access to adventurous activities, you’ve found your perfect match.

Another popular aspect of tourism here is Kings Beach rentals. While hotels can be cozy, some travelers think that the best way to relax is with your own vacation rental. Besides the extra privacy, rentals offer the added convenience of your own kitchen, where you can save money by preparing some of your own meals. After a morning of sunbathing, many visitors like to return to their own rental for a quiet lunch or to freshen up. The rentals at Kings Beach Tahoe are known for their quality, and each year many families return to enjoy the golden sun of this beach.

Kings Beach benefits from its location and has earned the nickname of the North Shore’s Banana Belt. This refers to the sun’s path, which casts a golden glow on the beach from early morning into the late afternoon. Not all beaches in Lake Tahoe have this feature, making the shores of Agate Bay one of the most desirable in the region if you plan to spend long hours lounging on the sand. Another nearby beach town is Carnelian Bay. These two areas are home to luxurious rentals where you will find private whirlpools, expansive decks, and opportunities to barbecue. If you aren’t traveling on a budget, this area of Lake Tahoe is a great place to spend your money wisely.

Kings Beach hotels are a great alternative for people who don’t want the hassle of preparing their own food. If you want to be completely on vacation, and have someone else making the beds and preparing the food, then do some research into Kings Beach hotels. There are accommodations to suit a variety of budgets, and all visitors get to enjoy the beauty of the public beach. Some hotel options include the Sun N’ Sand Lodge, Tahoe Inn, Ferrari’s Crown Resort, Boca del Kujo, and Brockway Springs Resort. Some visitors have discovered that the most luxurious options can be rentals, while others prefer the convenience of hotels—the choice is up to you.

Beyond the swimming in Agate Bay and the sunbathing on the beach, there are many things that keep people returning to this area of Lake Tahoe. Hip shops, delicious restaurants, and street vendors are all part of a culture here that people love. There is a real buzz to Kings Beach Tahoe that you can only discover by making a reservation and seeing for yourself. This summer, spice up your vacation routine and come and enjoy the pleasures of Lake Tahoe. From a ride on the gondolas to a stroll in the Eldorado National Forest, your days will be full of incredible views and fresh mountain air.

Image: niallkennedy (flickr)
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