Mt Rose Ski Resort

The Mt Rose ski resort, set amid the spectacular mountains and forests around Lake Tahoe, offers slopes and trails for every vacationer, from the novice skier to the seasoned adventurer. Open year-round, the Mount Rose ski area is a great place to enjoy seasonal activities, from skiing and snowboarding to hiking and mountain biking. Vacation packages and deals are often available for the resorts and hotels in the area, allowing guests to save money and enjoy more than one part of Lake Tahoe’s entertainment. Whether you plan to spend your whole vacation outdoors or split your time between the slopes and the lodge, booking your lift ticket at Mt Rose Tahoe means you’re guaranteed a terrific vacation in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

At an elevation of 8,260 feet, Mt Rose ski resort is Tahoe’s highest ski launch area. Skiers and snowboarders will experience the thrill of a nearly vertical drop of 1,800 feet within just a few seconds of leaving the ski lift. In addition to ensuring visitors are thrilled with what the mountain has to offer, the resort is dedicated to protecting the environment and so participates in a green program, which has been dubbed “Green Rose,” in an effort to maintain harmony between protecting the natural environment and providing plenty of outdoor excitement and entertainment. The program focuses on restoring native vegetation, improving water quality, recycling, and controlling erosion.

When they choose to ski at Mt Rose, adventurers can choose from several park areas, depending on their level of experience, from entry level to expert. Beginning with a basic entry pass, guests can choose from a number of options and packages. Depending on visitors’ age, the season of your visit, and possible coupons or discounts, prices for tickets and passes vary. Season passes allow guests to ski any number of times, without restriction, for the open season; this is a great value if you plan to make return trips. If you’ll likely be in Tahoe just once, however, vacationers planning a visit to the Mt Rose ski resort may want to consider the daily specials that are offered by the mountain resort, as these are often enticing deals as well.

Mt Rose Tahoe provides several ski packages at the lodge itself and with hotels in other areas, such as Reno, South Lake Tahoe, and the North Shore. Depending on where you’d like to stay during your trip to Tahoe, each area provides a unique experience with a wide variety of lodging, from B&Bs to cheap hotels to luxury resorts. With two daily shuttles running between the Mt Rose ski resort and Reno, making reservations at a hotel in Reno is ideal, especially for those who want in-house entertainment or want to make sure it’s they’re conveniently near the airport. This is the closest Tahoe resort to the Reno area, making it easy to ski at Mt Rose, even if you can’t include Lake Tahoe itself on your itinerary.

From the north shore to south, Lake Tahoe provides a host of things to do and accommodations, so those visitors who plan to ski at Mt Rose can choose to stay at any number of locations and add lots of other activities to their to-do list. Each time of year has its own draws, so whether your enjoy hiking or skiing, Mt Rose Tahoe is the perfect place to visit in of all seasons.

Mt Rose Ski Resort

Mt Rose

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