Rubicon Trail

The Rubicon Trail is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for an off-roading challenge. One of the most popular off road trips in Tahoe, this trail is 22 miles long, and it consists of part road and part 4X4 trail. Located west of Lake Tahoe, this is a popular day trip for adventurous travelers who are taking a day away from hiking, mountain climbing, or boating. There are two entrances to the trail, either at Wentworth Springs or Loon Lake California. Ledges, obstacles, and simply a beautiful surrounding landscape make this an adrenaline-inducing and fun way to spend a day on your Tahoe vacation.

The Rubicon Trail is divided into two distinct sections. The first part is the maintained portion, called McKinney-Rubicon Springs Road. Beginning in Georgetown, California, this road continues towards Wentworth Springs where it joins with the trail, or unmaintained, portion. The trail section is twelve miles in length and runs through the Eldorado National Forest. Serious off road trips in Tahoe take place on this portion of the trail.

You may have heard of Loon Lake California for the annual events that take place here. Jeep and the Rubicon Trail have a long history; in fact, one variant of the jeep is called Rubicon after this destination. Each year Jeep-only events and 4X4 events bring thrillseekers to this region of California. Family trips and special events are also available for people who are looking for an introduction to the trail and not the complete off road experience. Besides the fun and adventure that the trail provides, it also brings people to one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in California.

If you are planning off road trips in Tahoe, there are a few safety precautions to consider. Perhaps not surprisingly, Rubicon Trail is a source of debate, and some people think that it should be shut down. In order to ensure it remains open, newcomers can abide by a few rules. First of all, it is essential to carry out all of your own garbage. Leave nothing behind when you are camping in the area. Be sure to buckle your seat belts, don’t drive over vegetation, and stick to the trails. Some drivers try to create new bypasses, but this is extremely frowned upon. By staying in the middle of the trail and being courteous to others, you can help to ensure that the trial will remain for people to continue to enjoy in the future.

From Rubicon Springs to Loon Lake California, this region is full of natural beauty. While the off roading experience is an exciting one, be sure to take the time to stop and smell the fresh mountain air and appreciate the views. There are many destinations in the area that can help you appreciate the scenery, including the gondolas that will give you a bird’s eye view of the area, or just a hike through the Eldorado National Forest. From sunbathing on the shores of the lakes to the luxurious vacation rentals of Kings Beach, there are many ways to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lake Tahoe.

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