Truckee Hotels

Truckee hotels offer a comfortable place to rest after a day of skiing, hiking, or boating on Lake Tahoe, and they come in enough variety to suit travelers of all types on all budgets. Located on the west side of the lake, just east of Donner Pass, Truckee is a welcoming town with plenty of places to stay. In addition to reasonable hotel rates, packages and special deals are available at a variety of hotels to help you make the most of your vacation. Whether you’re traveling on a tight budget or looking forward to some extravagance on your trip, the Truckee lodging options will have something to suit what you’re looking for.

Living in the lap of luxury is not always an option for every traveler, and the many affordable Truckee hotels appeal to the low-budget vacationers. These offer reasonable rates, and guests can be assured of a comfortable room, basic amenities, and easy access to the same attractions that draw guests to the luxury resorts. The Truckee Hotel (pictured) is a practical option that includes a complimentary breakfast, a fitness center, and ski racks and lockers. In addition to being affordable, The Truckee Hotel is historic—the building dates back to 1847. There are two types of rooms at The Truckee Hotel: European and America. The European guestrooms include in-room sinks but share bathroom facilities, while the American-style rooms offer private baths.

There are several mid-range Truckee lodging options as well, which provide a bit more luxury at a still-affordable cost. Popular options for these include the Donner Lake Village Resort, the Best Western, and the Hampton Inn. Familiar names, such as the Best Western and Hampton chains, are reliable to book because guests can expect a standard level of quality for the whole chain. An option like these can be the best hotel in Truckee if you’re looking for reliability and comfort, or if you can find chain-hotel discounts available.

If you’re willing to try something new, however, the Donner Lake Village is a terrific choice. This small resort has a private beach on the lake, a private marina, and a ski shuttle during the winter. There are several room options as well, ranging from studios to three-bedroom units, meaning this is suitable for groups of all sizes. Guests can also look forward to fully equipped kitchens, a fitness center, game room, and fire pits.

Offering the best quality accommodations are the luxury Truckee hotels and resorts, including the Cedar House Sport Hotel and the Hyatt Northstar Lodge. At these hotels, you’re guaranteed plush furnishings and plenty of amenities. At the Cedar House Sport Hotel, for instance, a contemporary design is combined with natural elements, allowing guests to soak in the natural setting for a complete mind/body/spirit experience. The Northstar Lodge has 34 rooms, all with LCD televisions, free internet access, pillow-top mattresses, and premium bedding. There is also a fitness center, ski-in and ski-out access, and a spa tub and steam room. The lodge is also close to the Northstar ski resort, making it particularly convenient in the winter.

Traveling on a budget and planning to indulge can’t always go hand in hand, but with the array of Truckee lodging and attractions in the area, it’s possible to stretch your vacation budget as far as possible and make sure you have a terrific place to stay. In either case, the accommodations will provide guests with an amazing vacation at Lake Tahoe.

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