When to Go to Lake Tahoe

When to go to Lake Tahoe depends on what you’d like to do and see on your trip; plan ahead, and it’s easy to pick the best time of year for your vacation here. Do you prefer skiing at one of the world-class ski resorts among the mountains and forests, or would you rather be spending the day at the beaches and canoeing or kayaking with your kids? Either way, planning your trip to Tahoe depends on what interests you, and there are plenty of amazing things to do in Tahoe year-round.

If you are planning your Lake Tahoe travel during the ski season, you are probably headed to one of the excellent ski resorts around the lake. Keep in mind that temperatures are the coldest in January and February, though the snow may also be at its deepest and best condition at this time of year as well. Blizzards are not uncommon, and many roads may be difficult to navigate during the snowy season.

March and April are milder months in which to take a ski trip to Tahoe, with the benefit that temperatures on the slopes are quite warm on sunny days. Remember that with the added reflection of the sunlight off the snow, you will want to wear plenty of sunscreen and bring a good pair of sunglasses or ski goggles. Many ski runs are open through April and sometimes even into May. Many popular ski and snowboard events are held from January to May, including snowboard races, slalom ski races, and other fun events. If you do your Lake Tahoe travel near the holiday season in December, you will be rewarded with plenty of snow, as well as a festive holiday atmosphere and several New Year parties.

If you’re less interested in skiing and planning when to go to Lake Tahoe, you may want to make your trip in the summer to escape the perhaps oppressive heat of the summer in your own city. Summer temperatures at Lake Tahoe are rarely hot due to the influence of the water and trees as well as its elevation, which makes a trip to Tahoe an ideal getaway from the sweltering temperatures of summer. Swimming, boating, and other water sports are all popular during this time and present additional opportunities to cool off. Summer is also the time with the most festivals at Lake Tahoe, with the Shakespeare festival, the Lake Tahoe Music Festival, the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship, Fourth of July celebrations, art festivals, and more, making almost every week in the summer eventful and unique.

Autumn is also a spectacular time for Lake Tahoe travel, as the trees adorn themselves with their most vibrant fall colors. Hiking or biking on the trails around Lake Tahoe, as well as camping in the wilderness, are all excellent ways to admire the fall foliage and get in touch with nature. The many lakes in the area are lovely places to hike, particularly at this time of year.

Deciding when to go to Lake Tahoe can be difficult, as each season offers so many benefits. This beautiful year-round destination boasts a plethora of opportunities to enjoy yourself, and as you relax on a secluded beach surrounded by the sounds of nature, your only worry may be what Lake Tahoe activity to do next.

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