Long Beach

The city of Long Beach is the fifth largest city in California, and it is just 20 miles south of the Los Angeles downtown area. There is a light rail system that connects the two cities. A significant shipping port, Long Beach is also a hub for the region’s coastal oil industry. Technology is also a main industry here, and residents are proud of the city’s numerous cultural advantages. A number of annual festivals and events take place in Long Beach California, with the Long Beach Grand Prix being the largest and most popular. Held in April, the Long Beach Grand Prix is an IndyCar race that is held on the downtown streets, which makes it quite unique. In addition to the Grand Prix, there are a number of cultural events that you can attend, including theater performances and musical concerts. Though some might argue that Long Beach’s heyday was in the early part of the twentieth century, the city is experiencing a significant resurgence in popularity, and there is certainly plenty of things to do here for tourists.

Long Beach rests on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, and its southern edge borders Orange County. You can see the city when driving along Interstate 405 from Los Angeles to Orange County, and while many pass right on by, it’s worth a stop to check out all that it has to offer. Among the main Long Beach attractions that visitors can enjoy are the Aquarium of the Pacific and the Queen Mary. The former is one of the largest aquariums in the country, and is definitely a must for families. The latter is a circa 1936 Art Deco cruise liner that has been converted into a hotel and museum. All attempts should be made to include both of these attractions on the itinerary when enjoying vacations to Long Beach. Next to the Queen Mary, which is also found on the waterfront, is a Soviet submarine that is from the Cold War era.

The entire waterfront in Long Beach is without question one of the top overall Long Beach attractions, and it is ever-changing. As a city situated on the ocean, Long Beach offers beaches. These beaches are not generally considered to be the best in the state, but they are nonetheless worth visiting. There are various beaches found along the shoreline, and some offer better parking than others. Two of the best beaches in Long Beach California are found in the communities of Belmont Shore and Naples. At Belmont Shore, there is a stretch where dogs are allowed to frolic without leashes, and if you bring a dog that likes the water, it will be happy as a clam. To find beaches closer to downtown Long Beach, you can drive south of the city’s renowned Convention Center or head west from Ocean Boulevard. These beaches have ample parking, which is not the case at some of the other city beaches. Soaking up some sun and enjoying a dip in the Pacific are top things to do on the Long Beach beaches, though surfing is not ideal due to the manmade break wall that was built just offshore.

Before moving on to some of the Long Beach attractions found further inland, it is worth mentioning the city’s Shoreline Pedestrian Path, which is great for strolling and cycling. It extends for three miles and is paved, and on its western end you can rent things like beach umbrellas, beach chairs, and bicycles. When you’re not enjoying the area beaches and the Pedestrian Path during vacations to Long Beach, you can head into town to shop or to enjoy a good meal at one of the city’s many great restaurants. In addition to a number of enticing shops and dining establishments, Long Beach California also boasts a myriad of parks. In fact, there are no less than 92 parks spread about the city! The El Dorado Regional Park is without question one of the best parks in the city, and when it comes to Long Beach attractions where you can spend a whole lot of time, this park is surely one of them. It covers 815 acres and features lakes for fishing, bicycle trails, a number of picnic areas, and even a youth campground.

There’s simply too much to cover when it comes to all the Long Beach attractions, so you are not likely to ever get bored here, even if you spend a week or more in town. Golfing on area courses, taking cruises to nearby Catalina Island, and even riding on a gondola through the beautiful neighborhood of Naples are just some of the Long Beach pursuits that one might consider enjoying. Other cities in southern California that offer gondola rides are Huntington Beach, Redondo Beach, and Newport Beach, so if you are interested in enjoying one, you can consider visiting those wonderful destinations as well.

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