Academy Awards

The Academy Awards celebrate Hollywood and its stars. Once a year, actors and actresses dress in their finest, walk the red carpet, and enjoy one glamorous evening. Before the parties kick up, the ceremony takes place at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood—formerly called the Kodak Theatre. The center of the movie universe is located at the Hollywood & Highland Center, also home to the historic Chinese Theater and some 60 chic shops and restaurants. It’s still the place to be and be seen even after Oscar night has faded into history.


As long as there have been movies, there have been movie stars and fans. It was only natural to want to celebrate the best actors, actresses, and movies. The first Academy Awards ceremony happened in 1929, not long after the first movies with sound were released, at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Studio legend Louis B. Mayer was the leading force behind the awards’ organizers, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. At first, the winners were announced in advance. It wasn’t until 1941 that the winners were kept a secret. Once the ceremony was televised, talking about the fashion, hosts, and winners became a sort of national sport. In 2001, the Oscars moved into their customized theater, today called the Dolby Theatre.


Few things are more iconic of Hollywood than its awards statuette. Nicknamed Oscar, the statuettes each stand 13 1/2 inches tall, weighing in at 8 1/2 pounds, crafted of a pewter alloy clad in gold. Designed in the art deco style, Oscar is actually a knight brandishing the sword of a crusader standing atop a film reel.

Academy Awards Tickets

If you’re not nominated for best actor or your documentary, it can be difficult to find a seat at the Dolby Theatre. Any other event of the year, the box office is open and has plenty of tickets. There are many ways for fans to connect with the Academy Awards. A limited number of tickets are available for the Oscars Fan Experience, allowing access to the bleachers that line the red carpet. Many of the theaters throughout town host live viewing parties for those who don’t command $20 million dollars a picture. The big day is just packed with fun things to do celebrating the movies.

Ceremony & Red Carpet

The Academy Awards are handed out one Sunday night a year, usually in February, but sometimes early in March. The stars’ limos begin arriving on the red carpet in the early evening. News reporters flock to Los Angeles to line up. They want to catch an interview and ask “who are you wearing?” of the glamorous celebrities.

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