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Seeing the Los Angeles Angels play a home game is something that any and all sports fans should consider when hanging out in Southern California during the spring, summer, or early fall. Formerly the Anaheim Angels, this Major League Baseball team now carries the Los Angeles tag in an attempt to better tap into the more lucrative Los Angeles market. Angel Stadium, which is where the Angels have played their home games since 1966, is actually in the city of Anaheim. As such, the full name of the team is actually the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

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The Angels, as the team is most commonly called, won their first World Series in 2002, and this brought some much desired attention to the team. Los Angeles has been home to the Dodgers since 1958, and this Major League team tends to overshadow its neighbors to the near south, at least in terms of national recognition. The Los Angeles Angels have been around since 1961, so baseball fans have long been familiar with the team. Until they won their first World Series, however, it was arguably Angel Stadium that got more attention. After all, some major baseball milestones occurred at the ballpark. These include the last game-winning home run that Mickey Mantle ever hit and Reggie Jackson's 500th home run. Nolan Ryan, who is widely regarded as being one of the best pitchers of all time, once struck out nine straight Red Sox players at Angel Stadium.

When the Los Angeles Angels won their first World Series, they did so in their home stadium, which only added to the excitement for the team and the fans. The adversaries in the series were the San Francisco Giants, who also hosted some of the games at Pacific Bell Park (now AT&T Park). It was a California battle that erased years of futility and frustration for the Angels fans and the Angels organization once it was over. Since winning the 2002 World Series, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have enjoyed a considerable amount of success. This has only helped to make Angels games some of the top Los Angeles-area events for sports fans. Anaheim is full of fun things to do, so staying busy before or after game time won't be hard. In fact, spending a few days in Anaheim might be warranted. Disneyland isn't far from Angel Stadium, so families can always follow up a day at the ballpark with a day at one of the country's best amusement parks.

Travelers who hope to see the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim play should know that, thanks to the team's success over the past decade, the tickets tend to go fast. As such, getting tickets in advance is a good idea when possible. Various ticket plans are available for those who wish to see more than one Los Angeles Angels game, and these plans can also include things like a concert pass or admission to special All Star Game festivities. Angel Stadium will play host to the 2010 Major League Baseball All Star Game, and the festivities surrounding this event are a blast for sports enthusiasts.

The home stadium for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim has been renovated on various occasions throughout the years, and in 1996, it was reverted to a baseball-only facility. As for the seating at Angel Stadium, it can accommodate 45,050 people, with the cheapest seats being located in the outfield pavilion areas. The ticket prices range considerably, though fans can expect to enjoy a pleasant experience regardless of where they sit. Widened concourses, revamped concession, and restroom areas, and an interactive youth area contribute to the fan experience, and for those who can afford it, some very tempting premium seats are available. These club and dugout-level seating areas afford excellent views of the action on the field, and guests can enjoy an array of food and beverage services.

For those who can't make it to a Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim home game, a tour of the stadium can be a rewarding alternative. These behind-the-scenes tours last about an hour and a half, and the visits to the clubhouse and the press box figure among the highlights. During the off-season, tours of Angel Stadium can be enjoyed on Tuesdays. When the season is in full swing, tours are offered on both Tuesdays and Wednesdays, save for when there is a home game going on. Reservations must be made in advance for the tours, which also highlight the history of the Los Angeles Angels. As a side note, the Dodgers play their home games at Dodger Stadium, and baseball enthusiasts can also consider seeing a Dodgers game while hanging out in the Los Angeles-Anaheim area.

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