Los Angeles Beaches

The Los Angeles beaches are one of the main reasons visitors come to Los Angeles County, and unless you want to surf the larger winter waves, summer is the best time to enjoy them. Los Angeles County boasts no fewer than 72 miles of coastline. While this coastline is not all made up of sandy beaches, there are miles and miles of beaches to enjoy. In addition to spending some time on the beaches in Los Angeles County, beach enthusiasts who are enjoying a SoCal getaway can also visit any number of other regional beaches. Orange County is one of the best places to look for beaches near Los Angeles, and you can always head north instead to go surfing in Ventura.

When you add it all up, the Los Angeles beaches stretch for more than 30 miles, and they essentially start with Zuma Beach in Malibu. This popular Malibu beach is widely considered to be one of the best beaches in LA, and it's also the largest. The drive up the Pacific Coast Highway to Zuma Beach is full of scenic views, which helps to make for a good visit, and a comprehensive array of facilities await upon arrival. Of all the beaches in Los Angeles County, Zuma Beach has the most complete facilities, and they include restrooms, playgrounds, snack bars, volleyball courts, and snack bars. Heading back down towards LA proper from Malibu, two other beaches worth keeping in mind include the beach at Malibu Lagoon State Park and the Will Rogers State Beach. The former is a lovely, white-sand beach that doubles as a wetlands area, while the latter is an excellent place to relax for a while after enjoying a drive on Sunset Boulevard.

Los Angeles Beaches
Los Angeles Beaches

If you are exiting Sunset Boulevard with the intent of spending some time at Will Rogers State Beach, a pay parking lot is available. Other facilities include restrooms and a snack hut that operates during the warmer months. As far as surfing is concerned in Malibu, Surfrider Beach is the place to go. Of all the beaches in Los Angeles County, Surfrider Beach gets the best waves, hence the name. All of the beaches in Malibu deserve a look if you're hoping to get your feet in the sand during an LA getaway, and you'll also want to make a stop in Santa Monica if you consider yourself a beach enthusiast.

Santa Monica is home to some of the best beaches in LA, and they are family friendly as well. Santa Monica State Beach boasts the famous Santa Monica Pier, and it can be an excellent attraction to explore when looking for things to do. A variety of cafes can be found near the beaches in Santa Monica, and restrooms are readily available as well. In addition to swimming and soaking up some sun at the Santa Monica beaches, visitors can also take to the paved beach path to walk, jog, bike, or skate. This path connects Santa Monica to Venice Beach to the south. Venice Beach also has a good beach, and the overall atmosphere is nothing if it isn't unique. There may be no finer place in Los Angeles to people watch than Venice Beach, and visitors can shop, dine, enjoy the street performers, and do any other number of things when they're not hanging out on the sand. Parking is available at most, if not all of the beaches in Los Angeles County, including Venice Beach.

More excellent Los Angeles beaches can be found south of Santa Monica and Venice Beach, and these include Manhattan Beach. Widely considered to be one of the best beaches in LA in terms of all around atmosphere, Manhattan State Beach has no trouble drawing in crowds during the peak summer season. As is true of many California beaches, this lively stretch of sand features a pier that can be used for fishing. If fishing isn't your thing, you might prefer playing some sand volleyball or trying a little surfing at Manhattan Beach. It's ideal for both of these activities.

Best Los Angeles Beaches
Best Los Angeles Beaches

Just south of Manhattan State Beach is Hermosa Beach, yet another one of the best beaches in LA. A pretty, white sand beach awaits Hermosa Beach visitors, and it extends on both sides of a picturesque pier. An array of cafes and shops can be found at the base of the Hermosa Beach Pier, and other facilities include volleyball courts, restrooms, and playgrounds. Like Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach is usually a good surfing spot.

As for a good place to enjoy a beach party in Los Angeles, staking out a spot on any one of the public beaches is always an option. Bolsa Chica State Beach is a locals' destination of choice for beach parties, and can be found in Orange County's Huntington Beach. Picnic areas are available for rent at Bolsa Chica State Beach, and it tends to be less crowded here on warm days than it is in LA County destinations like Santa Monica and Manhattan Beach.

These are just some of the beaches in Los Angeles County that can satisfy the needs of beach enthusiasts, and there are plenty more worth considering. Lesser-known beaches such as Playa Del Rey beach and El Segundo Beach might not be as pretty or have as many amenities as the more established Los Angeles beaches, but they can be less crowded, which makes them attractive.

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