Beverly Hilton Hotel

The Beverly Hilton is one of the most enviable hotels in Beverly Hills. It is one of only two hotels located north of Santa Monica Boulevard where home and property values are significantly higher than they are to the south of Santa Monica Boulevard in the “flats.” The Beverly Hills Hilton was originally constructed in 1955 and has recently undergone an $80 million renovation. It combines modern luxury with a touch of old world Hollywood to offer a one-of-a-kind experience to all who are fortunate enough to pass through its doors.

You can choose from a variety of guest rooms and suites at the Beverly Hilton, from an extremely elaborate Penthouse Suite to the more basic but still fantastic Beverly Hilton Junior Suite. Each and every room is exceptionally well decorated and designed to reflect the relaxed California atmosphere with spacious and uncluttered living quarters and gorgeous vistas of the city. From the Deluxe Tower accommodations (located on the top floors of the hotel), you will not only find amazing views from a broad terrace but also flat-screen televisions in the bathroom and living area, lush bedding, and personal work space.

The Penthouse Collection of suites represent a higher level of luxury even compared to the Deluxe Tower Rooms, fusing elaborate design and extravagant amenities with functional and modern accommodations that cater to the whims of the rich and famous staying in Beverly Hills. Not a single detail is left out in these expansive dens of luxury and comfort.

If you want to spend a night or two at the Beverly Hilton, be aware that it is quite pricey. You can, however, pay a little less by opting to stay in a Beverly Hilton Junior Suite. The Cabana Rooms are decorated in a tropical fashion and all feature terraces that look out over the pool, and the Standard Rooms are located in the secluded Oasis wing of the hotel and offer a range of pleasing amenities and lovely views of the courtyard and gardens. You do not have to stay in a penthouse suite to enjoy the elegance and charm of the Beverly Hills Hilton.

This Hilton has always been a place to see and be seen since being built around the turn of the century. It is still this way today. Dining at Circa 55 Restaurant or Trader Vic’s within the hotel is an exceptional option for amazing cuisine and a stunning atmosphere. It is not at all uncommon to see Hollywood celebrities slip through the door and make their way to a private table. You can also enjoy a drink at the Lobby Bar at the Beverly Hills Hilton.

The Beverly Hilton Spa, called the Aqua Spa, is also one of the biggest appeals of this luxury destination in LA. Whether you are staying in a Beverly Hilton Junior Suite or a Penthouse Suite this exceptional spa is available to each and every guest. Here you will find elaborate spa treatments, massage, and a whole range of other pleasing services.

The Beverly Hills Hilton is also quite exceptional among the LA hotels in that it has a full line of boutiques and galleries on the first floor as well as a full-service salon. You can purchase fine art, fine wine, or gifts to send home to let everyone know that you are staying at one of the best hotels on the west coast. The Beverly Hilton is truly one of a kind.

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