Los Angeles Car Rental

A Los Angeles car rental to get around the city is pretty much essential unless you will be staying only in a single destination like Disneyland or with friends who have a vehicle. While great strides have been made in the area of public transportation during the last couple decades, this vast sprawling city still remains largely a city of cars and highways. You just about need to rent a car in Los Angeles to get from one place to another. You can't simply walk a few blocks to a subway station or step off the sidewalk and flag down a taxi as you can in cities like New York. You will find taxis at whichever airport you land, at the main train station (Union Station) and bus depots, in front of major hotels, and similar places—but otherwise, you need to telephone for one.

Fortunately, you can obtain a Los Angeles car rental just about anywhere in the city. Even in largely residential suburbs such as Brentwood, there will be a major outlet nearby. Many of these (notably Enterprise) will bring the rental vehicle right to your doorstep. You then drop the driver off at the outlet, and you're on your way. All of the city's luxury hotels will arrange for a car to be delivered, and many major national chains will have a rental desk right in the hotel. Speaking of luxury, that is one of the words often used to describe the lifestyle of the many celebrities and wealthy residents of the city. So getting a Los Angeles luxury car rental is not a problem at all. Many of the familiar national franchises such as Hertz will have luxury vehicles that are a step above the run-of-the-mill Cadillac or Lexus.

Additionally, there are numerous companies that specialize in the kind of Los Angeles luxury car rental that you can be proud to drive right up to the red carpet at the Dolby Theatre to attend the Academy Awards. If you want to rent a car in Los Angeles of this caliber, it's suggested that you start looking in swanky Beverly Hills. The prestigious Beverly Hills Rental Car main office is located on Little Santa Monica Boulevard, right around the corner from Rodeo Drive. Here is where you can obtain a racy Lamborghini, an elegant Bentley, or a top-of-the-line Rolls Royce Phantom. Some of these vehicles cost more per week than the annual mortgage on a good-sized private home, so they are definitely not for everyone. You can also go classic and exotic, with a 1964 Corvette or a 1972 Mustang convertible. These are a little more in the budget of a normal tourist who might have a little extra money for a day's fling—somewhere in the range of a couple hundred per day. Beverly Hills Rental Car also has offices in Hollywood, Newport Beach, Marina del Rey, and at the LAX airport. There are a number of Los Angeles luxury car rental companies similar to this, all pretty much clustered in the same areas. You will also find them in Burbank where there are many movie studios.

Another kind of Los Angeles car rental company that thrives in the City of Angels is one that specializes in limousines. These generally come with a professional driver/chauffeur, but some people are rich enough that they arrive in the city with their own chauffeur. Lesser mortals often rent limousines for weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, the traditional Mexican Quinceanera (a girl's fifteenth birthday) celebration, and similar events. But, if you are just an everyday tourist looking to rent a car in Los Angeles that provides good, reliable transportation during your visit, you will have no difficulty finding one.

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