Chateau Marmont

The Chateau Marmont is perhaps the best known of all Los Angeles luxury hotels. Glamour and extravagance are synonymous with the Chateau Marmont Hollywood. It is located at the end of West Sunset Boulevard on Marmont Lane. It is modeled after a royal French residence in the Loire Valley. For decades, the history of Chateau Marmont has included the biggest celebrities of the world from the realms of film, music, and entertainment. Jim Morrison, Greta Garbo, Howard Hughes—you name a major star that has lived in LA and they will likely have stayed at the fabled Chateau Marmont.

There are 63 rooms, cottages, and bungalows available to guests of the hotel. Each of them is completely unique and distinctive and most offer a full kitchen, large living quarters, balconies, and private terraces. The views from these terraces down onto the Sunset Strip and Hollywood and the beautiful gardens of the hotel are unmatched at any other hotel in the city. This hotel is a favorite spot with Hollywood partiers as there is an overriding policy that has long been in place that what happens at the Chateau stays at the Chateau. It does not hurt that there are especially thick walls that ensure privacy and keep the late night parties rolling on. It is not at all uncommon for celebrities, some who like their visit publicized, others not so much, to bring twenty of their closest friends to the Chateau for an impromptu, late-night party in one of the bungalows.

The Garden Cottages offer a whole different level of privacy and tranquility as well as luxury amenities. Enjoy private access to the pool and gardens and enjoy your stay at the Chateau Marmont Hollywood at your own pace and according to your own schedule. Each and every cottage is equipped with a full kitchen, a large dining area, and private access to the pool. Booked far enough in advance it is possible to rent one of the cottages for somewhere between $500 and $700 per night. Be aware that there are a range of options in terms of accommodations including bedrooms, suites, poolside bungalows, and one- and two-bedroom penthouses.

If the history of Chateau Marmont is not enough to draw you in, then perhaps the virtually inexhaustible list of amenities will. The Chateau Marmont Hollywood offers its guests a stunning, outdoor heated pool, an expansive fitness room, 24-hour concierge service, 42-inch flat screen TVs in every room, full business services, and the ever-popular Bar Marmont. You’ll need reservations to secure a seat at this exclusive dining destination in the Hills. The menu combines hearty European fare with healthy, locally grown produce. As with all of the exclusive hotel bars in this part of Los Angeles, Bar Marmont is one of the best places to be seen.

There is so much that can be said about the history of Chateau Marmont. Countless rock stars, actors, and other celebrities have not only stayed at the Chateau Marmont, but have also made it their residence for months at a time. In a city where the pace is nearly always frenetic, the Chateau Marmont has long been a place where you can retreat and get away, almost always out of the glare of popping flash bulbs.

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