Dodger Stadium

Dodger Stadium is one of America's most iconic ballparks, and it figures among the top overall attractions in Los Angeles. Once spring rolls around, the Los Angeles Dodgers open up their Major League Baseball season at this old-school stadium, and baseball fans will be happy to know that the tickets are reasonably priced. The affordability of the tickets has a lot to do with the Dodger Stadium seating. In terms of seating capacity, no other ballpark in the country is larger than Dodger Stadium. Should you have trouble getting tickets when in town, you can also consider seeing a Los Angeles Angels game, who play their home games at Angel Stadium.

Dodger Stadium seating can accommodate 56,000 fans, as has always been the case since the ballpark opened in 1962. When old seats are taken out, they are replaced by new ones, and in 2009, the stadium introduced a popular new seating area known as Bleacher Beach. Fans who sit in this upper deck Dodger Stadium seating area will enjoy access to free food, including peanuts, popcorn, and the famous Dodger Dog hot dogs. They'll also enjoy all the soft drinks that they can handle.

Dodger Stadium has been improved continuously over the years, and in 2003, it got a new scoreboard. This scoreboard helps to enhance the fan experience, and all in all, the fan experience here is widely considered to be a good one. For some, basking in the California sun and snacking on a famous Dodger Dog is what the fan experience is all about at Dodger Stadium, while others will take advantage of the new clubs and revamped concession services. A very satisfying hot dog isn't the only thing that you can eat while you watch the Los Angeles Dodgers play, and various vendors and concessions are available throughout the park.

One of the best things about Dodger Stadium is the fact that rainouts are rare. The relatively dry summers in Southern California are ideal for baseball, and it's not often that fans need to don a poncho or some other form of rainproof gear. The comfortable fall weather is also good for baseball, and as such, Dodger Stadium has hosted eight World Series. The Los Angeles Dodgers can claim four world championships since the teamed moved to the West Coast from Brooklyn in 1958. The Dodgers home games figure among the most popular events in Los Angeles, though they aren't the only events that take place at Dodger Stadium.

Some of the biggest music acts who visit Los Angeles perform at Dodger Stadium, and various other events are held here from time to time. In 1987, for example, Pope John Paul II held Mass at the ballpark. In addition to taking in a specific event at this landmark stadium, visitors can also enjoy a behind-the-scenes tour. These tours highlight some of the stadium's main features, such as the dugouts and the playing field. They also offer insight into the rich history of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

For all intents and purposes, Dodger Stadium can be found right in the heart of Los Angeles. To the near south is the downtown area, and fans can enjoy views of the skyscrapers from various vantage points. The views from the seats also include the San Gabriel Mountains and the green Elysian hills. The 300-acre grounds of the park are well manicured, and there are 16,000 available parking spots that are spread out over 21 terraced lots. Unfortunately, getting in and out by car can be trying thanks to LA traffic, and it is no longer possible to take the free shuttle to Dodger Stadium.

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