Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood is probably one of the most famous words associated with Los Angeles. This area northwest of downtown is a place where you can experience the most classic moments of your California vacation. With attractions like the Chinese Theatre, Universal and other movie studios, the bronze stars on Hollywood Boulevard and the well-known Hollywood Sign, you could spend a whole weekend checking out the various attractions.

The Walk of Fame has the stars in the cement of Hollywood Boulevard, which is an honor for any actor in Hollywood. The stars on Hollywood Boulevard have been here since 1960. Great achievers in music, radio, television and theatre receive their own bronze star.

Universal Studios is an attraction you can spend your entire day at. This theme park is one of the biggest California attractions. It is attached to the working movie studios, and has great rides and exhibits about the film industry. You can take the guided tour them explore the park, enjoying lunch in one of the 16 places to eat.

The narrated tour takes you through the back lot on a little tram. Since 1964 Universal Studios Hollywood has been thrilling visitors to Southern California. Universal Studies Hollywood is located in a 415 acres lot that is called Universal City. There is an entertainment and shopping area here called City Walk.

You might wonder how to get into the various attractions. There are different kinds of Universal Studios tickets you can get. The standard ticket is $47 for adults, and $43 for kids 48 inches and under. For $99 you can buy the front of line pass, which gives the ticket holder priority access to the attractions. These Universal Studios Tickets always sell out.

When you purchase the Southern California Value Pass, you're buying one of the most value out of all the Universal Studios Tickets. This ticket also gives you access to the Sea World Park in San Diego. You can buy your Universal Studios tickets online, so that you don't have to wait in line to find out that the Front of Line pass it sold out.

Ripley's Believe it or not Odditorium is another interesting attraction on Hollywood Boulevard, with strange object like mummified remains you would find in a curiosity shop. This attraction is designed to awe you and make you wonder whether what you're seeing it real or a hoax.

Other places like the Dolby Theatre, which is where the Annual Academy Awards are held, and the historica Egyptian theatre are also places that are included on Hollywood Tours.

Handprints from famous stars are in the cement in front of Mann's Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard. An actor dressed up as Superman or Marilyn Monroe is glad to take a picture with you, but you should give him or her a small tip. Hollywood is where a lot of the movie studios are located, and there are quite a few interesting theatres here that are Hollywood landmarks. A walk along Hollywood Boulevard is something that should be included in every visit to this popular area on a California vacation.

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