Hollywood Bowl

The Hollywood Bowl is a famous amphitheater that can be found in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles. Primarily used for musical performances, this historical venue has been a popular place to catch a concert since it opened in 1922. Throughout the years, the Hollywood Bowl has hosted some of the most legendary artists to ever grace a stage. Frank Sinatra, the Beatles, and Barbra Streisand figure among the past performers, and that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to celebrity appearances. To this day, the concerts at the Hollywood Bowl tend to sell out fast, thanks to their big ticket performers, and there may be no better place in the city to catch your favorite act.

A number of incomparable performances have been held at the Hollywood Bowl, and when you consider all of the big name acts, it amounts to a verifiable who's who of the entertainment industry. In addition to pop culture icons, past performers include some of the most accomplished conductors of our time. During the summer season, the Philharmonic puts on a number of concerts at the Hollywood Bowl, so classical music fans can get their fill when in town. The Hollywood Bowl hotels tend to fill up fast year-round, however, so it's best to book your room when you buy your tickets, if you want to stay near the venue.

The Hollywood Bowl events have grown to include more than concerts over the years, and many TV and film producers have chosen the legendary grounds for various shots. For the students of Hollywood High School, the Hollywood Bowl is where their commencement exercises are held, and the SummerSounds arts festival for kids has been going strong for more than 30 years. There is almost always something going on at this landmark venue, and when visitors aren't taking in a performance, they can head over to the venue's museum to learn all about its rich history.

The Hollywood Bowl Museum is free, and it is open during the day throughout the year. For those who are coming to see one of the evening concerts at the Hollywood Bowl, the museum also opens on concert nights. You don't need Hollywood Bowl tickets to visit the museum, and you also don't need tickets to enjoy the free summer morning rehearsals. On Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings in the summer, the Hollywood Bowl allows visitors to come in and watch rehearsals from 9:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

For those who purchase Hollywood Bowl tickets for an evening or nighttime show, arriving early to picnic on the grounds is a popular thing to do. The hills that surround the venue are ideal for picnics, and some of the picnic sites open four hours before showtime. Large groups can reserve a picnic site in advance for a fee, while it's first-come, first-serve for the bulk of the sites. You can buy your Hollywood Bowl tickets in advance or on the day of the show, provided that they haven't already sold out. Gift certificates for the Philharmonic are available, and they can make for an excellent gift for any classical music enthusiast.

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