Hollywood Museums

The Hollywood Entertainment Museum is one of the Los Angeles attractions that brings together the history and magic of movie making and brings you close to movies and actors that are famous being a part of movie history.

Since 1996, the Hollywood Entertainment Museum has been drawing crowds who want to see for themselves the famous props and costumes that were part of the most popular shows and well-known films in moviemaking history. There are quite a few new Hollywood museums you might enjoy visiting when you're touring Los Angeles, some of which are the Hollywood Studio Museum, which highlights the various movie theatres that make their home in this historic neighborhood. The Warner Brothers Museum draws crowds of cartoon lovers who want to see an exhibit that is all about their favorites cartoon characters, and is right on the Warner Bros. lot.

While the Hollywood Entertainment Museum is not enormous, it does have some very famous sets on its premises, like the Star Trek set and the set from the Cheers TV show. Techies will love being able to sit in the Captain\'s chair from the Next Generation show. You can also walk on top of a scale model of Hollywood itself, and learn about its history through the timeline, which has a listing of the dates of important moment in Hollywood history.

If you\'re one of the many tourists on Hollywood Boulevard, you can't miss the Chinese Theatre; it is a distinctive red structure with exotic architecture and crowds of sight seers. Only a block away is an excellent place to come close to your favorite celebrities; at the Hollywood Wax Museum. There are 220 wax figures here, and they are constantly being updated as new stars rise to fame. Liz Taylor, Clint Eastwood, and the entire cast of the MASH television show are all on display at the Hollywood Wax Museum.

You can add to the fun when you buy a discounted ticket that gives you admission to the Guinness World Records Museum just across the street in addition to the Hollywood Wax Museum. Hollywood attractions are usually free, but some charge admission, so to avoid spending more than you anticipated its wise to decide before you visit what you\'d like to see and look into any discount or combined admissions before your trip.

Hollywood is filled with star studded attractions, from the Movie Studios to the Walk of Fame. There are also a lot of historical landmarks, like the famous Hollywood sign and Mann's Chinese Theatre. Hollywood Museums are some of the best Los Angeles attractions because they allow you to literally touch props from the actual sets of some of the most famous television shows and see what your favorite actor looks like up close. A visit to one of these interesting exhibits rounds out an interesting, attraction-filled visit to one of the most well known neighborhoods in the world.

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