Los Angeles Attractions

Many call it the greatest city in America - and there is ample evidence to support this statement, as there are well over a hundred different tourist attractions in Los Angeles.  You can find everything and anything somewhere in this city, which is why it is well-loved the world over as one of America's best tourist destinations.

The Hollywood Sign

Los Angeles Attractions
Los Angeles Attractions

Not many people actually make the journey up into the hills to see the most famous of Los Angeles attractions, but the sign is still one of the focal points in a city full of photo-ops - no matter where you go, the legendary Hollywood sign remains the icon of Los Angeles, a reference point not only for the city, but for an entire industry.

Page Museum

One of the few Los Angeles attractions that do not revolve around the entertainment industry, the Page Museum is noted for its look back into history. Way, way back into history. Fossils pulled from the La Brea Tar Pits give visitors a glimpse into the city circa the Ice Age, with replicas of woolly mammoths and saber-toothed cats around every corner. The interior includes an excavation site that is still in the process of being completed, so you get an up close look at what goes into fossil extraction, making this one of the most invigorating and fascinating attractions in Los Angeles. And you are almost guaranteed not to see any movie stars.

Getty Center

Getty Center Los Angeles
Getty Center Los Angeles

Another of the Los Angeles tourist attractions that stresses creative expression, the Getty Center is home to gardens and art galleries featuring some of the world’s best painters and sculptors. Spread across 110 acres, this is one of the more rewarding attractions in Los Angeles.

Griffith Park

Griffith Park Observatory
Griffith Park Observatory  Image: Griffith Observatory

This immense park, an oasis in the urban jungle of Los Angeles, is located in the Santa Monica Mountains. And it's not just trails and gardens and open space. Though the highlight of Griffith is often the LA Zoo, there are plenty of other Los Angeles tourist attractions located within the park’s 4100 acres -, the Greek Theater, Autry Museum of Western Heritage, the LA Equestrian Center and (of course) the Griffith Observatory. A respite from the haphazard urban atmosphere of the city, this is the definitely the most relaxing of the many attractions in Los Angeles.

Catalina Island

Catalina Island View
Catalina Island View

What Coronado Island is to San Diego, Catalina is to Los Angeles. A short jaunt from the city, Catalina Island is a well-traveled haven that might be small in area, but never short on things to do. Laid out to approximate a small Mediterranean city, it’s a stretch of the imagination to think the L.A. is less than twenty miles in your rear view mirror.

La Cienega Boulevard

One of the best Los Angeles attractions is its noted nightlife, and the bars and clubs found on and around La Cienega are some of the hippest. Just wander the boulevard, listen for the usual sounds of urban midnight and you will find a great place to hang out until closing time comes around.

Universal Studios

Universal Studios City Walk
Universal Studios City Walk  Image: Travis Conklin

The theme park that winds its way through cinematic history, the Jaws and King Kong rides have been around for years, and remain some of the strongest Los Angeles tourist attractions. Though certainly not cheap (think Disneyland prices), Universal Studios is perfect for both families and anyone else who loves getting lost in amusement parks.

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