Los Angeles Cruises

Permanent residents of Los Angeles and visitors alike often plan to take cruises from Los Angeles for a short or long trip. Cheap cruises from Los Angeles to a number of locations, including Baja Mexico, Hawaii and more can be booked throughout much of the year. It is also possible to book a Disney cruise Los Angeles for your trip to Disneyland.

One of the more popular cheap cruises from Los Angeles is a cruise along the California coast. Stopping at various ports along the coastline, such as San Diego, San Francisco, or even ports further north can be a fun way to see the coast line of California during the summer or spring, when the weather is warmest and great for a cruise trip. Depending on the length of the trip, this can be a top choice for cheap cruises from Los Angeles.

Cruises from Los Angeles can also be booked for a trip to Mexico. Cruises from Los Angeles to Baja Mexico are increasingly popular, and can be booked for as few as three nights or for multiple weeks. There are also a number of week long cruises to Mexico, with a focus on the Mexican Rivera. A longer Mexico cruise such as this would generally make stops in Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco and more. Trips lasting a full month are also available from Los Angeles. Many of these trips will stop at port in Mexico along with ports in Florida and the Yucatan Basin on the eastern shore of Mexico. Trips to Hawaii are also popular, and most Hawaii cruises last at least two weeks, due to the distance traveled between Los Angeles and Hawaii.

Another great way to take a cruise is by booking a Disney cruise Los Angeles. A Disney cruise Los Angeles is an excellent way to not only visit Disneyland, but begin your vacation when you start traveling and on your way home. Disney cruises are often themed, with Disney related activities on board for travelers and children in particular. Many travelers also enjoy the idea of a Disney cruise because the cruise package will usually include your overnight accommodation, tickets to Disney, and all-inclusive food packages while on board the ship, making planning a Disney cruise vacation quite convenient.

If you plan to travel to Mexico on your cruise, be sure to look into the newest regulations on passports for cruise passengers. You will need your own passport, as will all children.

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