Los Angeles Skyscrapers

The Los Angeles skyscrapers prove that there is more to this largest city in California than just Hollywood, Rodeo Drive, and sunny beach communities. Unlike the skyscrapers in New York and Chicago, the tallest buildings in downtown Los Angeles aren't bunched together. There is actually some space between them, which makes it easier to pick out specific ones. While it tends to be one of the quieter districts in the city at night and on the weekends, downtown Los Angeles has benefited from recent construction projects, and it boasts some relatively fresh cultural and entertainment centers.

The tallest building in Los Angeles is the U.S. Bank Tower, and it rises 73 stories, or 1,018 feet, above the downtown streets. Due to its location across from the Los Angeles Central Library, this tallest building in the land is also commonly referred to as the Library Tower. As if its size doesn't already give it away, the Bank Tower has a distinctive glass "crown" that makes it easy to pick out. The second-tallest building in Los Angeles is the 858-foot-tall Aon Center. Before the Bank Tower was finished in 1989, the Aon Center was the most recognizable of the Los Angeles skyscrapers; its black color and simple, modern design making it easy to distinguish. Moving on to the third tallest building in Los Angeles, it is called Two California Plaza. This 750-foot-tall structure is part of the California Plaza project, which also includes the slightly shorter One California Plaza, a school for the performing arts, the luxurious Omni Hotel, and a contemporary art museum.

The Los Angeles skyscrapers include eight out of the ten tallest buildings in California, not to mention many shorter structures, and together they form a relatively attractive skyline. Some of the best views of downtown Los Angeles can be enjoyed from Mulholland Drive and the Griffith Observatory. Sunrise and sunset can be especially good times to take in the views of the Los Angeles skyscrapers, and you can always arrange a helicopter tour in nearby Van Nuys if you want to get a bird's eye view of things.

The Los Angeles skyscrapers got some new neighbors in recent years, and they include the Walt Disney Concert Hall and L.A. Live. The former is a flashy, Frank Gehry-designed performance venue that is stunning inside and out, while the latter is an entertainment complex that can be found adjacent to the Staples Center. Among the highlights at the L.A. Live campus is the Nokia Theatre, which has hosted such events as the ESPY Awards and season finales for American Idol. Both the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the L.A. Live entertainment complex have succeeded at attracting people to downtown Los Angeles, and for all intents and purposes, the downtown area is experiencing a healthy boom period.

In addition to the Walt Disney Concert Hall and L.A. Live, the downtown area in Los Angeles is also home to the relatively new Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. This cathedral is a great place to visit for anyone, especially for architectural buffs. The interior is especially attractive with its soaring ceilings, lovely frescoes, and large amount of sparkling alabaster. When you're not checking out these attractions while hanging out in downtown Los Angeles, you can always visit one of the trendy restaurants or take some time out to stare up at the soaring skyscrapers.

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