The Grove

The Grove is one of the most popular megamalls in all of Los Angeles. A sprawling retail complex that resembles something that you might expect to find in Las Vegas, it opened in 2002 and features an enticing mix of shops and restaurants. Anchor stores include a Nordstrom and a Crate & Barrel. The restaurants come in the form of chain-brand establishments and local eateries. Another major feature of The Grove is a 14-screen movie theater that shows the latest blockbusters. The Grove address is 189 The Grove Drive, Hollywood.

Even if you aren’t hungry or in the mood for shopping or catching a flick, The Grove can be a fun place to explore while in Los Angeles. Just strolling around the complex and doing a little people-watching can be rewarding enough. While on a stroll at The Grove, be sure to stop by the animated fountains. Found at the center of a large park, these fountains are used for music-fountain shows that play every hour. The choreography of the fountain waters is reminiscent of the Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas, which were designed by the same company.

Of course, many visitors to The Grove do come to shop and/or dine. Only serving to increase the allure of a shopping or dining experience at this expansive complex is the proximity of the Farmers Market. This adjacent attraction is a permanent market and a historic Los Angeles landmark. Opened in 1934, it features food stalls, prepared food vendors, produce markets, and sit-down eateries. An internal transit system that employs electric-powered trolley cars links The Grove to the Farmers Market, but you can always walk.

Depending on the time of year, visitors to The Grove might have a chance to enjoy a special event. During the Christmas season, for example, the megamall is known to produce fake snow in the evenings to add some wintery charm to the overall atmosphere. Also, in mid-November, The Grove Christmas Tree is erected. At 110 feet, it’s the tallest Christmas tree in the city. Should your visit to The Grove come in the summer instead, you can look to enjoy the various side shows that are performed in the park. Or maybe your visit will coincide with the Taste at The Grove food festival. Held in late June, this annual event honors Los Angeles’ Restaurant Week and features a special “Taste” prix fixe menu that is curated by The Grove’s resident restaurants.  

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