Things to Do in Hollywood

Whether you're staying in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas, or in Southern California, or even right in Hollywood, this star-studded area is full of history and glamour to explore. Here are some of the top things to do in Hollywood:

Hollywood Sign

An icon since 1923, the Hollywood sign is a must for any visitor simply because it is so well known. Viewing the sign is possible from several spots around town, but one of the easiest is the intersection of Hollywood and Highland near the Chinese Theatre. The best part is that this is one of the free things to do in Hollywood.

Graumans Chinese Theatre

The most desirable place in town for red-carpet movie premiers is also a great place to go catch an evening movie. Formerly known as Mann's Chinese Theatre, this is a great jumping off spot for other fun things to do in Hollywood such as viewing the sign or touring the Walk of Fame.

Walk of Fame and Hollywood Boulevard

Another must-see is the Walk of Fame. Just outside the Chinese Theatre are the most iconic names of stage and screen, but the stars traipse up and down Hollywood Boulevard. Along with the stars, an elaborate self-guided walking along the Boulevard is among the free things to do in Hollywood, leading anyone interested through this historic town's past.

Watch a TV show live

Lots of TV shows tape elsewhere, but there are still enough around to add this to your list of things to do in Hollywood. Check online for studio audience tickets or ask at your place of lodging in town for a ticket vender.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Where San Jose has the Winchester Mystery House, Hollywood has the Forever Cemetery. Among the fun things to do in Hollywood for those who love a good ghost story (check out legends online or in a book before you go), beautiful design, or want to pay respects to great actors and actresses, visiting the cemetery is by tour only.

Universal Studios

An amusement park and more, Universal Studios is one of the fun things to do in Hollywood for the whole family. Rides, sets from famous movies, shows, shopping, and food make sure you can't go wrong. After you're done, check out CityWalk for more food, shopping, and fun.

Hollywood Entertainment Museum

Memorabilia, costumes, and actual sets from Cheers and Star Trek make this a good choice of things to do in Hollywood.

Paramount Pictures

The last major studio still working in Hollywood, Paramount Pictures offers a tour giving a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of movie making.

Los Angeles Zoo

If all the things to do in Hollywood get to be too tinsel for you, take a break by visiting this nearby world-class zoo with 1,200 animals from around the world and a large botanical collection as well.

The Original Farmer's Market

Another way to step away from the glimmer of fame is to visit the Farmer's Market on Third Street. Bringing together an array of restaurants, shops, and fresh produce, the Market is another of the sometimes rare free things to do in Hollywood.

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