UCLA California

The University of California, Los Angeles in commonly referred to simply as UCLA. This co-educational university is located in Westwood California, which is a predominantly residential area within the city limits of Los Angeles. UCLA California is one of the most well known colleges in Los Angeles California. Established in 1881, UCLA is the second oldest of all the colleges in Los Angeles California.

When it was first established, UCLA California was referred to as the "Southern Branch." It consisted of a 25-acre campus on North Vermont Avenue which was home to a two-year curriculum in the College of Letters and Science. About 250 students were enrolled. Its expansion was quite rapid. In 1922, the teacher training courses were organized to form a Teachers' College. The letters and science program became a four year program in 1924. The support of five community groups helped the expansion of UCLA: UCLA Art Council, the University Affiliates, The Friends of the Library, The UCLA Medical Center Auxiliary, and The Friends of Music. Eventually, the name of the institution was officially changed to the University of California at Los Angeles in 1927 and to the University of California, Los Angeles in 1953.

Today, the campus of UCLA California is composed of 163 buildings across 419 acres of land. The green lawns, sculpture gardens and fountains, museums, and a variety of interesting architectural styles add to the campus' appeal. The UCLA California campus is divided into North Campus and South Campus. North Campus was the original therefore the architecture is more old-fashioned. Its imported Italian brick is suitable to its subject matter, since the UCLA North Campus is where you'll to the arts, humanities, social sciences, law, and business programs. You will find the physical sciences, life sciences, engineering, psychology, mathematical sciences, all health-related fields, and the UCLA Medical Center at the more modern South Campus.

The tallest building on the UCLA California campus is named after political activist Ralph Bunche. Bunche was an African-American alumnus, who received the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize for negotiating an armistice agreement between the Jews and Arabs in Palestine. He was the first individual of non-European background and the first UCLA alumnus to be so honored in the history of the prize. A bust of him is situated on the entrance to Bunche Hall. It overlooks the impressive Sculpture Garden.

California, UCLA California has been ranked as the third best college in the United States. Twelve departments were ranked in the top ten. In 2005, UCLA California had the honor of ranking fourteenth in the world and twelfth in North America by annual listing of the Top 500 World Universities. Additionally, the UCLA California library ranks as one of the top 10 libraries in the entire United States.

Not only does UCLA California score high for academics of all the colleges in Los Angeles California, UCLA scores high for California college football. In fact, UCLA College finished as the #1 overall Collegiate Athletic Program of the 20th Century and continues to maintain its #1 status into the twenty-first century. Since the 1976 Olympics, UCLA has produced more Olympians and Olympic Medals than any other university. UCLA College was #1 in overall gold medals among all California college football teams since 1976.

The UCLA football team is called the Bruins. The team plays their California College football games at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. When Red Sanders coached the football team in 1949, he decided to redesign their uniforms. He added a gold loop on the shoulders to represent the UCLA stripe. The former navy blue was changed to powder blue because he thought it would look better on the field and in film.

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