Universal Studios Hollywood Rides

The Universal Studios Hollywood rides can be good for a quick thrill, and while some are better suited for little ones, others offer big thrills for courageous adults. Some of the rides at Universal Studios are relatively new, so even if you've been here in the past, you can expect to be surprised. One of the newer rides at this Los Angeles amusement park is called the Simpsons Ride. You'll ride on a virtual roller coaster with all the main Simpsons characters on the Simpsons Ride, and the experience is more thrilling than you might expect. For those who wish to take on an even more thrilling thrill ride at Universal Hollywood, Revenge of the Mummy should suffice. This indoor roller coaster makes a series of quick twists and turns, and scary scenes await around every bend.

While you can always venture off to Disneyland or Six Flags Hurricane Harbor to enjoy some thrills on a Los Angeles visit, it might be more convenient to head to Universal Studios instead. This is especially true if you are staying at one of the hotels in Hollywood or the downtown area. There aren't tons of rides at Universal Studios, though there is enough in the way of variety to have a good time. One of the fan favorites when it comes to the Universal Studios Hollywood Rides is Jurassic Park: The Ride. Amazing dinosaur animatronics are employed to give visitors a good scare, and the 84-foot raft plunge is sure to have your heart in your stomach for a second or two. This might be the most thrilling thrill ride at Universal Hollywood, though The Revenge of the Mummy does well to give it a run for its money.

Whether you pay full price or you get your hands on some cheap Universal Studios tickets, you'll be able to ride all of the rides. You'll also be able to enjoy all of the shows and attractions, which include a kid-friendly Shrek show and Fear Factor Live. Not as kid-friendly as Shrek 4D, the Fear Factor Live show pits park guests against one another in a series of relatively extreme stunts. When you're not enjoying the rides and taking in one of the exciting shows at Universal Studios Hollywood, you can treat yourself to one of the fun tours, including the popular Studio Tour.

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