Universal Studios Tours

The Universal Studios tours are wildly popular, as they offer a series of thrills and fun adventures. In addition to encountering some staged events, such as a car race that goes awry, visitors who treat themselves to a studio tour at Universal Hollywood can also visit back-lot sets, get a peak at some dressing rooms, and check out some of the park's newer movie sets. For movie and TV fans, going behind the scenes at Universal Studios is about as rewarding as it gets when it comes to Los Angeles tours. At one point during the tour, you'll visit the scary Bates Motel and have an encounter with Norman Bates himself.

In addition to visiting the Bates Motel on your studio tour at Universal Hollywood, you can also see Wisteria Lane from the hit TV series Desperate Housewives. Other experiences include a thrilling War of the Worlds adventure and a trip through a back-lot set that is intended to mimic a New York City street. You'll even get to see the town square set that was used in the Back to the Future movies. There is a lot to see on the studio tour at Universal Studios, and you won't have to pay extra to enjoy one once you buy your general admission ticket. In fact, you just might be tempted to treat yourself to a few Universal Studios tours since there is a lot to take in.

Going behind the scenes at Universal Studios is a blast, literally speaking, as various props and special effects are used to create some added excitement. Whoopi Goldberg, via a video, serves as the host for the Universal Studios tours, and you can expect yours to last about an hour. While the line for the tours is often long, the trams that ferry passengers from set to set can accommodate a lot of people. This helps to make the line go fast.

When you're not enjoying a studio tour at Universal Hollywood, you can see what the rides have to offer or take in one of the fun shows. Just outside of Universal Studios Hollywood is Universal City Walk, and it can also fill hours on end with its attractions if you're looking for things to do. Cheap Universal Studios tickets are relatively easy to find, so dropping by for a visit the next time you're in the LA area is worth considering.

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