West Hollywood Hotels

West Hollywood hotels pepper the village streets of this small and exclusive part of Los Angeles. The area actually comprises less than two square miles of territory, but within those two miles are perhaps the densest concentration of Hollywood celebrities and personalities. West Hollywood is bordered by the Hollywood Hills to the north and Beverly Hills to the west. Tourists flock to stay in hotels in West Hollywood California because of the exclusivity and legend involved with many of them. The Sunset Strip is home to some of the most legendary hotels and clubs in all of LA.

The Chateau Marmont is perhaps the most fabled of all the hotels in West Hollywood California. It was built in 1927 during a period of major growth in Los Angeles. The doors opened in 1929 and for over 80 years the Chateau Marmont has served some of the biggest names in the worlds of music and film. The hotel was featured on the cover of one of Gram Parson’s records, Jim Morrison spent months living there, John Belushi died there and James Dean jumped into a window for an audition at the hotel with Natalie Wood. The Chateau Marmont offers guests nearly every possible amenity including a pool, fitness center, and personalized concierge service, but this is just the beginning at this most famous West Hollywood accommodation. There is also a fantastic bar and a reservation-only restaurant that caters to many of Hollywood’s elite. This is certainly the place to be seen among West Hollywood hotels.

The Mondrian (pictured) is one of the hotels in West Hollywood California located on the Sunset Strip. Originally built in 1959 as an apartment building, this impressive West Hollywood accommodation is now one of the premium hotels in the area. The lavish Sky Bar is one of the most sought-after destinations in West Hollywood. The unbelievable rooftop pool and outdoor living room is sure to have every guest marveling at the fantastic design and opulent touches. Nothing is left out in terms of details when it comes to this lavish hotel. Of all the West Hollywood hotels, it is possible that the Mondrian quite simply is unrivaled in terms of modern amenities and captivating design. Staying at this hotel comes at a price so book as far in advance as possible to even have a chance at a discounted fare. The hotel is near many popular attractions including the Dolby Theatre, Hollywood Hills, and Beverly Hills.

The Sunset Tower Hotel is another of the West Hollywood hotels where you will find a thoughtful mixture of beautiful interior design and room accommodations with luxurious amenities. Enjoy poolside dining at the expansive outdoor pool or get a work out in at the 24-hour fitness center before heading out to hit the town in nearby Beverly Hills. You can almost see the Hollywood sign from the Sunset Tower Hotel. Guests will also enjoy close proximity to many of the best, high-end boutiques in LA along Rodeo Drive and the other epicenters for fashion in the area. West Hollywood is an enviable place to lay your head no matter where you stay.



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