Mammoth Mountain

Mammoth Mountain is a peak that dominated the horizon of the eastern Sierra. 11,053 feet of mountain and 385 inches of snow combine to create the setting of the Mammoth Ski Resort.

The closest town to the ski area is Mammoth Lakes, which is only 4 miles away. This is where you can find places to stay if you want to ski at the Mammoth Ski Resort. While Mammoth Lake Vacation Rentals give you the most space and convenience when visiting the area, there are a number of choices that can give you the added comfort of maid and room service. After a long day on the slopes, the last thing you want to do is cook dinner.

At the Mammoth Mountain Inn, there are three choices of rooms. If you've come to the area to have a relaxing getaway, you will enjoy these comfortable accommodations. You have your choice of Deluxe, Superior, or a suite room. Unlike the family setting at Mammoth Lakes Vacation Rentals, you can have a more elegant, pampered experience when you choose a hotel as your Mammoth lodging. The Mammoth Mountain Inn is situated at 9,000 feet, and is spread out over three buildings. There is a hearted pool and indoor spas to relax in after a long day at the slopes.

Summer is a great time to visit Mammoth Mountain. Mammoth Lakes is named for the five alpine lakes in the area. These are part of what drew visitors to the area in the first place. Twin Lakes, Lake George, La Mamie, Lake Mary and Horseshoe Lake began to attract fisherman and boaters to its shores around the 1920s. The lovely alpine setting with Mammoth Mountain in the background made this a perfect setting for vacations.

Little Inns, beds and breakfasts opened up, and the town of Mammoth Lakes was born. The later addition of the Mammoth Ski Resorts ensured that this town would be a stop for anyone coming to enjoy the mountain and the High Sierra. Mammoth Lakes Vacation rentals have been popular for decades, so you too can be part of the seasonal community that can't get enough of the excellent skiing on this scenic mountain.

Whether you're coming during the summer to hike, or in the winter to visit the prime ski areas, this is a great place to spend a long weekend. In the plentiful and varied options of Mammoth lodging you are sure to be comfortable when you're not out on the mountain. Both families and couples will love this ski and recreational area.

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