Marina Del Rey Beaches

Marina Del Rey California is a small-boat harbor community that is found within the city limits of Los Angeles. It is one of the largest such harbors in the country and by far the largest in Los Angeles County. A thriving area, it boasts new restaurants, hotels, shops, and so much more, and is quickly becoming one of the hottest parts of the city. Because of its proximity to the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), which is just 4 miles away, it is considered to be an ideal layover point for those either arriving on a flight or planning to leave on one in the near future. The Marina Del Rey beaches are among the top attractions in Marina Del Rey, and they provide city visitors the chance to relax in the warm southern California sun. Because the Marina Del Rey beaches are within walking distance of a number of area hotels and motels, they are frequented by those who are staying nearby.

There’s plenty to enjoy in Marina Del Rey California, and because of the community’s proximity to the airport, Venice Beach, and the Playa Del Rey beaches, it is an excellent place to base yourself when visiting Los Angeles. The Marina Del Rey Harbor is found just inland from the Pacific Ocean coastline, and when it comes to the Marina Del Rey beaches, you can choose those that front the ocean just west of the harbor, or opt for Mother’s Beach, which fronts the marina’s lagoon. Families will likely prefer hanging out at Mother’s Beach, as the lagoon waters are calm and family-friendly.

Mother’s Beach is a wide and sandy stretch that boasts everything that you will need to have a good time. It is an excellent place to do some kayaking, and kayak rentals are available here. Volleyballs are also available for rent, and since the sand volleyball courts here are usually open, you should have no problem arranging a game with friends and family. In addition to kayaking, windsurfing is a popular Mother’s Beach pursuit, and for those who prefer to stick to the nearby walking path, there are bicycles and rollerblades for rent here as well. Follow the beach path north for 4 miles, and you can reach Santa Monica State Beach, which is one of the best Santa Monica beaches.

The network of bike paths, walking lanes, and area canals makes it easy to get around without a car when visiting Marina Del Rey California, and you can take a detour as you please to get to a beach in Marina Del Rey. The Pacific Ocean-facing Marina Del Rey Beaches present a nice stretch of soft sand where you can enjoy long and languid walks. To the immediate north, the beaches of Venice Beach begin, and you can easily spot the Venice Beach pier just up the coast. There are no concessions or lifeguards on duty at the Pacific Ocean beach in Marina Del Rey, but there are plenty of restaurants and concession choices within reach either inland at the marina or in Venice Beach.

Spending the day at a beach in Marina Del Rey is an excellent way to pass some time when visiting Los Angeles, and with so much to enjoy close by, you will find it hard to ever get bored when choosing to stay at one of the Marina Del Rey hotels. Commercial boating companies are good number at Marina Del Rey, so scheduling an area cruise is among the top things to do. You can even hop on a catamaran and take the 2-hour ride to Santa Catalina Island, which rests in the Pacific Ocean waters to the southwest of Los Angeles and Orange County.

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