Marina Dunes Resort

Marina Dunes Resort The Marina Dunes is the newest of the Monterey hotels California. It is also the first new Monterey beach hotel that has been built in over two decades. Among the many Monterey hotels California, Marina Dunes is highly unique. Sitting serenely along the edge of Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, Marina Dunes is ideally located between the coastal cities of Monterey and Santa Cruz. Its luxurious, beachfront bungalows and junior suites make the Marina Dunes one of the most glorious Monterey hotels California. All of the Marina Dunes accommodations entice you with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. This wonderful Monterey beach hotel invites you to enjoy the tranquility and seclusion of its location on 19 glorious acres of secluded, rolling dunes.

Marina Dunes was built on the site of what was previously a sand quarry that was responsible for processing Monterey Bay sand. As such, as one of the most ecologically conscious Monterey hotels California, Marina Dunes is funding a permanent dunes restoration project as part of their development agreement.

Marina Dunes was the first Monterey Beach hotel to be a part of this exciting Monterey Peninsula program. The resort has made special accommodations to protect the natural habitat of three rare and endangered creatures that are native to the surrounding dunes. They have installed a unique "lizard crossing" beneath the main entry road in order to allow the California Legless Lizard to safely traverse the eastern edge of the property. Native sea grass and buckwheat have been planted along the banks and dunes of the Marina Dunes. This provides the Smith's Blue Butterfly with plant life that is usually found in their natural habitat. The resort has preserved the open dunes adjoining the site. As a result, the Snowy Plover now enjoys their natural habitat of virgin dunes.

Marina Dunes is in close proximity to the best of California cuisine. On the northeast side of the resort, A.J. Spurs, an Old West-style restaurant and tapas bar sits perched above the impressive dunes. A.J. Spurs serves up an extensive menu of barbecued beef, chicken, and seafood entrees.

The Marina Dunes Resort also near the world-renowned Monterey Bay Aquarium, as well as the beautiful golf courses which shine like emerald jewels along the Monterey Peninsula. At the end of the day, relax in their exceptional spa, where you can luxuriate with a tempting variety of special treatments. Yet you need not feel pressured to do anything. Perhaps you would prefer to unwind with a walk through the open oceanfront dunes, where you will be surrounded in splendor by the native plants and wildlife. Among the best of Monterey hotels California, Marina Dunes Resort offers a Monterey beach hotel experience that is second to none.

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