Moonlight Beach

Moonlight Beach, or Moonlight State Beach, as it is more officially known, figures among the most famous beaches in Encinitas and the greater San Diego area. More specifically found in Encinitas at the end of Encinitas Boulevard, this wide strip of sand gets a lot of attention for its surfing scene. Thanks to the healthy amount of facilities and other activity options, however, you don’t have to be a surfing enthusiast to enjoy your visit. The Moonlight Beach facilities include picnic facilities, tennis courts, sand volleyball courts, fire rings, playground equipment, a snack bar, showers, and restrooms. Recreational equipment rentals are available, and lifeguards can often be found manning the lifeguard towers, especially during the busier summer months.

Moonlight Beach has long been a popular Encinitas recreation and social center, and thanks in part to its easy access and ample parking, it can get crowded at times. The beach gets its name from the fact that locals used to meet there for moonlight picnics in the early 1900s. Picnicking is still popular, but it is done more during the daylight and early evening hours now. Other Moonlight Beach activities that have become popular over the years include swimming, surf fishing, beach volleyball, and surfing. The surfing at Moonlight Beach is particularly renowned, and much like the Swami’s surf spot to the south, it helps to make Encinitas the world famous surfing destination that it is. Surfboards can be rented at Moonlight Beach, and visitors can easily arrange surfing lessons as well. The resident surf schools provide all the necessary equipment and can have you up and riding in no time.

Top image: rvacapinta (flickr)
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