Morro Bay Beach

Found on the central coast of California, the small city of Morro Bay is an excellent destination for those seeking fun in the California sun. Tourism is without question one of the main industries here, and vacations to Morro Bay do not disappoint. Just over 10,000 residents call Morro Bay California home, and many visitors come to town as well. There are plenty of accommodation options in and around town, which is good news for those planning vacations to Morro Bay, and when you’re not enjoying the area beaches, you can take advantage of the tempting shops and restaurants. As is customary of the many beach destinations up and down the long California coast, a number of recreational and sporting opportunities are available to Morro Bay visitors, though it would be understandable if you opt to spend most of your time relaxing on Morro Bay Beach.

Morro Bay California is more-or-less right between Los Angeles and San Francisco, and you can reach it by car by hopping on Highway 1. The city of San Luis Obispo is just twelve miles away, and when you figure in the fact that other great coastal destinations like Avila Beach and Pismo Beach aren’t too far off, the opportunities are many when it comes to things to do. The large fleets of commercial fishing boats here mean that fresh seafood is always on the menu at the area restaurants, and if you want to do some fishing yourself, you can arrange a trip out to sea with a charter fishing company. For those who want to cook a few meals themselves, fish and other local bounties are in good stock at the Thursday Farmer’s Market, which is open from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. In addition to fishing, vacations to Morro Bay can also include golfing. There is an attractive eighteen-hole course that is open to the public at the Morro Bay State Park, and other great courses are within reach as well. Wine lovers can always include a trip to a local winery as well, and while there are plenty of lodging choices in town, camping is also possible. The Morro Bay State Park Campground is open throughout the year, so regardless of when you visit, you can always stay close to nature by sleeping under the nighttime stars.

Speaking of nature, birdwatchers will want to consider vacations to Morro Bay as the area is a bird sanctuary. The winter months are arguably the best for birding, as some 70 species of migratory birds make their homes here at that time. Among the bird species that nest here is the peregrine falcon, which is endangered. At Morro Bay Beach, the Morro Rock, which rises 576 feet into the sky and is a major Morro Bay California landmark, is a nature reserve that is off-limits to humans, as it is home to these endangered birds. Strolling around the beach at the base of the rock is allowed, but if you try to climb it, you will likely be subject to fines, and perhaps even imprisonment. You don’t have to climb or hike on the rock to enjoy it however, as it is picturesque and easily appreciated from a number of vantage points. To learn more about Morro Rock and the area’s breathtaking landscape, the Morro Bay State Park Museum of Natural History is certainly worth adding to your agenda.

The Morro Bay State Beach, which is the main Morro Bay beach, not only boasts the landmark Morro Rock, but also a lagoon. Surfing at the Morro Bay State Beach is a favorite activity, but you will want to don a wetsuit if you plan to engage in the sport. The water here is cool compared to the beaches in southern California, and since the temperatures at the Morro Bay State Beach are markedly cooler than they are inland, wearing or at least bringing a few layers of clothes is recommended. Further south at Avila Beach, the temperatures are warmer if you are looking to do some sunbathing. Hiking the trails at Morro State Beach is a great way to take in the scenery, and while dogs are not permitted on the beach itself, you can take them on the trails all you want, provided that they are on leashes.

As is true of other major California beach destinations, Morro Bay offers too much to adequately cover in one page, and it begs a visit if you truly want to find out all that there is to do here. There’s even a skate park that can be found near the Morro Bay Beach, and since Morro Bay State Park is a free Wi-Fi zone, you can bring a laptop and do some surfing of a different kind when you’re not riding the waves.

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