Mt Shasta

Mt Shasta is in the region of the well-known Cascade Mountain range of Northern California. California Mountains are on two primary mountain ranges. The first is the Sierra Nevada, home to such ski areas like Lake Tahoe and Mammoth Mountain.

Then there is the Cascade Range, which extends into Washington, and the major mountains of the Washington Cascades are Mt Rainier, Mt Baker and Mt Adams. In the state of California, the Lassen Volcanic Park is also in the Cascades.

Mt Shasta is a large mountain that has a reputation of mythical proportions. While it is true that a visit to the mountains does invigorate and refresh you, to say Mt. Shasta itself has special powers might not convince most visitors. The 14,161 face of Mount Shasta does impress, and will the Shasta-Trinity National Forests it is set it. Highway 5 is the major route to get to Mt Shasta, and other outdoor attractions in the area like Shasta Lake, Trinity River, and Castle Crags.

Located 250 miles north of San Francisco, Mount Shasta is in the perfect place to get just enough snow for prime skiing conditions. A Shasta vacation package would typically include lodging and admission to the ski areas. The Mt Shasta ski area has 34 runs, and has great off-trail areas to explore. Snowshoeing and snowboarding are also very popular, and allowed on most parts of the mountain. A Shasta vacation package can give you admission, rentals, and lodging in an area hotel. Whether you're here for lakeside fun or a weekend on the slopes, a Shasta Vacation Rental

Though it is not close to the giant redwoods, and the Northern California Coast, Mount Shasta is definitely a major landmark in Northern California. Shasta Lake is the setting for outdoor activities like fishing and boating. There are 18 pairs of American Bald Eagles are at Shasta Lake, so this is a great area for bird watching. House boating is one of the most popular things to do on like Shasta Lake. With more shoreline than the San Francisco Bay, this lake has over 29,500 acres of waterways to explore.

In the winter, Mount Shasta comes to life. Redding is the nearest major city on Interstate 5, so this is a great place to pick up supplies or do some shopping before heading up to Mt Shasta. Many of the roads in the mountains of California are old logging road. All over Northern California, there are back country roads and plenty of different areas to camp out in.

If you want to experience pristine alpine wilderness, venture into the Northern California wilderness, and you will be rewarded with a vision of scenic Mt Shasta, which is the exhilarating summit of a thrilling visit to the Shasta Cascade region.

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