Napa Valley Hot Air Balloons

Napa Valley Hot Air Balloons
Napa Valley Hot Air Balloons

Some California connoisseurs may argue that no trip to Napa Valley is complete without seeing it all from above. Napa Valley hot air balloons provide just this opportunity, to gain a new perspective on the golden landscape. Many visitors to Napa spend their time touring wineries, tasting a variety of wines, and even biking through the vineyards. All of these activities are enhanced by Napa balloon rides, providing visitors with a new appreciation for the land that produces the wine in their glasses and the ingredients for the cuisine on their plates.

Balloon rides in Napa are run by experts who ensure your safety. For instance, Napa Valley Balloons Inc. has been operating since 1980 and has been featured on The Today Show, Oprah, and the Travel Channel. All pilots and aircrafts are FAA certified, reassuring even nervous guests that they are in good hands. Thousands of satisfied customers have flown in Napa Valley hot air balloons. This company is based in the lovely town of Yountville, providing a convenient starting point for visitors touring the valley. Be sure to make reservations in advance for Napa balloon rides.

The day typically begins with a pre-dawn continental breakfast and flight orientation. Guests are then brought to the launch site, where they are greeted by a variety of preparation and activities. Balloon rides in Napa are colorful events, from the state-of-the-art bright balloons to the variety of colors in the landscape below. The roar of the burners will cause the balloon to lift gently, and under the instruction of an experienced pilot, you will slowly rise for a perfect view over the rows of vineyards, the mountains, and the valley. Napa balloon rides are a great way to learn about the region as well, as the pilots are knowledgeable about the area and ready to answer questions.

Napa Valley hot air balloons provide room for various numbers of guests, with some balloons accommodating up to sixteen guests in the wicker and leather basket, while other times the group may consist of as few as six people. You will see more than vineyards on your flight, and your pilot is sure to point out fields of mustard and wildflowers. And after your flight, a celebration is in order. All journeys end with Napa Valley’s best sparkling wines over a champagne breakfast. The one-hour flight will leave most guests looking to book a second trip. For an extra ten dollars on the price of the flight, an in-flight photo can be taken as well. Private balloons are also available for proposals or romantic journeys, which can add a particularly special moment to a honeymoon or other romantic getaway.

Balloon rides in Napa take place early in the morning because the balloons fly best in the cool air of the morning sunrise. Flights will bring guests from tree height all the way to 2,000 feet. Motion sickness is very uncommon as no sense of motion is felt because the balloon glides with the wind. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, birthday, other special occasion, or no occasion at all, a hot air balloon ride will be a highlight of any vacation to the Napa Valley.

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