If you’re looking for a bit of charm in the Napa Valley, head to the lovely town of Calistoga California. The walkable downtown has remained relatively unchanged since visitors first starting arriving in the nineteenth century for a dip in the mineral hot springs. The Calistoga spa reputation has developed since this time, and visitors still travel to the top of Napa Valley for the hot springs resorts. This natural draw has led to other developments, including restaurants in Calistoga. The charming town is known for its combination of cuisine, wine, and wellness with its mineral hot springs.

Calistoga California
Calistoga California

Calistoga California has a long history in three areas: mining, agriculture, and soothing waters. These three factors all contributed to the development of the local economy, as they provided not only jobs, but grapes for great wine, and a natural phenomenon around which to build up tourism. A Calistoga spa is a great way to unwind after a day of biking around neighborhood vineyards. In Calistoga Napa Valley, the pace is a bit slower, reminiscent of a time in history long ago. No freeways lead to the town; you can only get there via two lane roads. This local authenticity extends to dining as well, as all restaurants in Calistoga are privately owned, and fast food chains are banned by local law.

Historic preservation brings visitors back to a prior time in wine country, without sacrificing any modern conveniences. The mineral waters are harnessed in Calistoga California, offering visitors a variety of treatments from a steaming dip to a mud bath. While this area is specifically renowned for its hot springs, there are also a number of wineries within a short driving distance. For visitors who are interested in nature and geothermal activity, the famous Old Faithful geyser is nearby. You can witness the geyser erupting for yourself, almost to the second it is predicted to blow.

The quality of any Calistoga spa may convince you to never leave the town at all. Located centrally between Napa and Sonoma counties, Calistoga is easily reachable by car. Whether visitors are just passing through on a tour of wine country or there to spend a couple days soaking in the thermal waters, Calistoga promises to be a relaxing experience. A combination of small town values and sophisticated dining etch this twentieth-century town into the memory of visitors. Restaurants in Calistoga are located along the main street, Lincoln Avenue, between galleries, bookstores, and other quirky shops. While the town doesn’t have some of the more famous restaurants other Napa towns such as Yountville boast, this also keeps the crowds away.

Calistoga is often called the spa capital of Northern California. You can choose from more than two dozen spas and massage therapy salons in this one small town. The northern location in Napa Valley of Calistoga means it doesn’t see the crowds other areas experience, and therefore prices may be a bit more reasonable. Restaurants will still have great wine lists, but often for a much more affordable price than other, more central areas in Napa. Visitors who reach Calistoga during their Napa Valley visit are always glad to have ventured off the beaten path for a bit of historical charm and to experience the healing magic of thermal waters.

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