Napa Cheap Hotels

Napa cheap hotels can offer the charm and hospitality that accommodation options in this region are known for. While luxury hotels are abundant in wine country, motels in Napa are popular as well, making it possible to visit even if you're traveling on a lower budget. Many visitors to the region have planned an active vacation of touring wineries, biking through vineyards, and taking a hot-air balloon ride and often they don’t see the necessity of booking a fancy hotel. Napa cheap hotels are safe and clean, and though they don’t offer the plushest sheets or most spacious bathrooms, they grant budget travelers access to wine country.

If you choose to stay at one of the Yountville motels, you will have more cash to spend on fine dining in the culinary capital of California. Restaurants in Yountville have attracted attention for the variety they offer, and the local ingredients they showcase; for instance, famous options such as The French Laundry are located in this small town. Local wines are featured at restaurants across Napa Valley, and they offer an immersion into a wine culture that has been developing over the last century. You don’t need to stay at a luxury hotel to discover wine country for yourself.

A cheap hotel in St Helena will leave you extra cash to spend on this town’s famous restaurants as well. Shopping and antiques may grab you attention as well. Choosing one of the Napa cheap hotels can also remove the guilt from purchasing an extra case or two of wine from local wineries. This is a memento visitors can bring home and enjoy long after their trip to Napa Valley. Another affordable option is bed and breakfasts. These small, privately owned accommodations can often be a cheap alternative to staying in larger, more luxurious Napa hotels. Guests receive the added bonus of local history and insider information on tours and other things to do in the area when choosing bed and breakfasts.

Motels in Napa don’t need to be reserved in advance. If you aren’t too choosy about your location, a trip to Napa can be taken on a whim. With the aid of a rental car, visitors will be able to find a few options for motels in Napa on most nights of the year. Weekends and holidays may be the exception to this rule, when you may have to forgo spontaneity for a bit of planning. During the warmest months, most visitors will find camping to be a comfortable and affordable option as well. There is no better way to get close to the Napa Valley landscape than to pitch a tent.

After a few days of camping, Yountville motels or other cheap lodging may be an attractive option. Keep in mind that you may earn an even further discount if you stay at one hotel for more than a couple days or on weeknights, rather than over the weekend. This may add a bit of driving to your vacation, but it could save significant money. While Yountville motels may not be able to compare to the brand new luxury Bardessono Hotel, they do provide a reliable, safe, and comfortable accommodation option—and for many travelers, that's all you need.

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