Free Wine Tasting in Napa Valley

A free wine tasting in Napa Valley is hard to find. Often, visitors who first look for free tastings in Napa will instead end up visiting some of the less-touristed wine-producing regions nearby, such as Sonoma and Healdsburg, where many wineries offer complimentary tours and tastings. Still, for those visitors that have their heart set on Napa but don't want to shell out money for each tasting, there are some free tastings in Napa to take advantage of.

First of all, if you are a Napa County resident, you are in luck: Many Napa wineries participate in the Napa Neighbor program, which offers special discounts to residents, including discounted or free tastings in Napa, as well as product discounts and complimentary tours. If you are not a Napa Valley resident, there are still some wineries where you can enjoy a complimentary Napa Valley wine tasting, but you'll have to research right before going, as policies often change on free tastings in Napa.

Often, tours—such as bike tours and shuttle tours—will include a complimentary Napa Valley wine tasting, and as an alternative, you might enjoy complimentary tastings by joining the wine club of a particular winery, which can also get you discounts on products. You might also find coupons that offer free tastings at certain wineries. For example, some wineries run seasonal promotions or free coupons for tastings at certain times of day. At times, hotels in Napa Valley also offer complimentary tastings at a nearby winery. Even if the wineries you want to visit don't offer a free wine tasting in Napa Valley, you still won't break the bank. Tastings generally range from a few dollars to around $12 for reserve tastings, and you'll get to taste several wines in each one.

While finding a free wine tasting in Napa Valley is difficult, it can be done. Typically, the best strategy is to research right before you go to Napa and call the wineries to confirm—you could be in luck.

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