Napa Highway 29

Since the Napa Valley wine country is so beautiful, Napa Valley scenic drives are a very popular activity for visitors. If you are going on a Napa Valley vacation, you will very likely drive at some point along Napa Highway 29, as it passes numerous wineries, restaurants, and attractions. The beautiful stretch of highway is the main road through Napa, and along with the Silverado Trail, is one of the best Napa Valley scenic drives there is.

The Napa Highway 29 is flanked by some of the valley's most popular wineries and restaurants. Whether you stop for wine tasting and vineyard tours at some of these fantastic Highway 29 wineries, or drive straight from Napa to Calistoga, you are sure to enjoy a leisurely, scenic drive. Some of the many Highway 29 wineries are Turnbull, Peju, St. Supery, Grgich Hills, Whitehall Lane, and St. Clement. Depending on when you visit, the Napa weather will vary, but the many Highway 29 wineries will be open year-round, rain or shine.

The Napa Highway 29 passes through all the main valley towns: Napa, Yountville, St. Helena, and Calistoga. As the highway passes through downtown Napa, it doubles as Main Street. There you will find shopping, hotels, restaurants, and a farmers' market. As the highway passes through Napa, it also runs parallel to the Napa Wine Train, another way to enjoy views of the scenic countryside. After running through Napa, Highway 29 passes through Yountville, which is home to some notable restaurants, including French restaurants such as Bouchon and famous destinations including The French Laundry.

Next up on Highway 29 is St. Helena. This lovely city is home to many great wineries, where you can stop in for tours and wine tasting. St. Helena is also home to some great hotels and resorts, including the popular Meadowood, which boasts cottages, a restaurant, and a golf course. The historic Bale Grist Mill and the Bale Grist Mill State Park are also located in St. Helena; the historic, water-powered grist mill was built in 1846 and owned by Dr. Edward Turner Bale. This is a great place for easy hiking in Napa Valley, and a two-mile hike will take you from the Bale Grist Mill State Historic Park to Bothe-Napa Valley State Park. At the latter, you can break for a picnic lunch and continue hiking on other trails.

After passing through St. Helena, Highway 29 then runs through Calistoga, another popular Napa Valley destination. Calistoga became famous for its great spas and resorts, perfect for unwinding after a full morning of sightseeing. One such resort is the Calistoga Ranch, which features a great pool. Indian Springs Resort & Spa is another popular Calistoga destination right downtown, which has hotel accommodations, an excellent spa, and a large pool.

Because Highway 29 passes through all the major valley towns and passes by so many attractions, it is one of the best Napa Valley scenic drives. Whether you are drawn to Napa Valley by the world-class wineries, beautiful scenery, hiking, spas, or fine dining, chances are you will easily be able to fit a drive along the Napa Highway 29 into your itinerary at some point. Indeed, as it is one of the main roads through Napa Valley, you'll be hard-pressed to avoid it!

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Napa Highway 29

Highway 29

Since the Napa Valley wine country is so beautiful, Napa Valley scenic drives...

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