Robert Mondavi Winery Grounds

Of all the Napa Valley winery tours, the Robert Mondavi winery is a classic and well worth adding to the itinerary on any wine country vacation. As the oldest winery in the valley and with its roots deeply set in the value of wine education, a tour of the Robert Mondavi vineyards is sure to be a fruitful one. Two vineyard properties combining to almost 1,000 acres produce a variety of grapes according to their separate terroir and growing conditions. The Robert Mondavi winery grounds are a great place to begin understanding of the wines, as these winemakers believe that "a great wine is a reflection of its origins."

The Robert Mondavi winery grounds are also the perfect environment for a picnic, making this site particularly well suited for a romantic day on a honeymoon or other getaway. This tour option includes a visit to Kalon cellar where winegrowing and winemaking is discussed. After your bit of education, you will proceed to the picnic location. Surrounded by the garden of the winery and further on the Robert Mondavi vineyards, a family-style seasonal lunch will be served. Prepared by the winery chef and accompanied by Robert Mondavi signature wines, this opportunity allows visitors to enjoy the landscape of the winery even further. Few Napa Valley winery tours conclude with such an intimate moment.

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