Napa Valley Nightlife

By and large, Napa is a place to be explored during daylight hours, when the natural beauty of the area is on full display and wineries are open to visitors for tours and tastings. When the sun goes down, Napa Valley is a relatively quiet place—after a full day of wine tasting, hiking, or balloon rides, most visitors enjoy having a relaxing evening. That said, night-owls do have some options for nightlife in Napa. Things to in Napa at night range from sampling a flight of wines at restaurants with popular bars to enjoying live music and performing arts.

One of the natural nightlife choices in Napa Valley is wine bars—after all, wine is Napa's major claim to fame. One of the Napa wine bars that is a popular Napa Valley nightlife destination for the 20- and 30-something crowd is the Bounty Hunter Wine Bar & Smokin' BBQ. The loud and boisterous atmosphere at the Bounty Hunter is great for those looking for a lively dinner or after-dinner drinks. Another of the Napa wine bars worth looking into is the Oxbow Wine Merchant & Wine Bar, open until 10 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

Of course, not everyone wants to visit Napa wine bars at night; many people visit Napa solely to tour wineries during the day and sample the fantastic dining options, so you may have already had your fill of wine by the time the evening hours roll around. Luckily for visitors in such situations, the nightlife in Napa does have a few options quite different from standard wine-bar fare. For starters, one easy option is to relax at some of the dive bars in the area. A very popular choice is Pancha's in Yountville, complete with a pool table, jukebox, and cheap drinks. Pancha's is popular with locals and tourists alike. For a more locals-only feel, The Green Door is a classic little local dive bar in downtown Napa.

Another kind of Napa Valley nightlife is a performing arts and music scene. The top place for these offerings is the Napa Valley Opera House. Opera is by no means the only fare offered at this unique venue, as the Napa Valley Opera House features a variety of programs for all ages, from opera, musical theatre, and plays to jazz, chamber music, and dance. Be sure to check the Opera House's schedule in advance to find out what events will be scheduled during your visit. Another musical option for nightlife in Napa is the Historic Napa Mill and Napa River Inn, located in downtown Napa.

Without question, the Napa Valley nightlife is significantly quieter than what you'll find in many other towns. Still, if you're wide awake at 10 pm, there are a number of places you can go. Napa Valley hotels often have on-site bars, or you can head into Napa City or St Helena to check out the options. Whether you want to sip a flight of wines at a Napa wine bar, shoot pool with locals at a laidback dive, or take in a performance at the Napa Valley Opera House, there is something in Napa Valley to keep you entertained into the late-night hours.

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