Rubicon Estate

In 1975 Francis Coppola revived the dream of one man who had turned a small fortune into a vineyard. While looking for a summer home, Coppola came upon the historic Inglenook vineyards. Deciding to breathe life into this vineyard, Coppola opened the Niebaum – Coppola Estate winery, now called the Rubicon Estate. The vineyards are set in one of the prime Cabernet Sauvignon growing regions in all of California: the town of Rutherford. The task Coppola undertook was no easy one, as it took more than twenty years to restore winemaking to the Chateau. The Rubicon Winery Napa got its new name from the Estate’s award-winning flagship wine.

Rubicon wines uphold the vision of the vineyard’s original founder, Gustave Niebaum. His mission of creating wines that could compete with the best varieties from France and Spain had become a daily mission at the winery. When Inglenook was first built after its founding in 1880, Niebaum used a gravity process that is common today, but unthinkable at the time, making the winery an engineering marvel in its time. It took more than seven years for this project to be complete. Visitors who arrive at the Coppola Rubicon Winery today have plenty to see and learn not only about the wine, but also about the families behind its production.

Rubicon Estate
Rubicon Estate

When arriving at the Rubicon Estate, guests are greeted at the door by an impressive main staircase. This piece of art took nearly a year to build, as craftsman worked with hardwood from Belize. The chateau also contains two elegant tasting rooms, a museum, the Mammarella wine bar, and a shop. Improvements to the winery completed in 2002 have added even more interest to a tour of Rubicon winery Napa. A restoration project was completed along with the caves that allow Rubicon wines to age in the traditional way.

A visit to Rubicon Estate costs $25, and it includes a tasting of five estate wines, the Legacy historical tour, access to the chateau and estate wine library, and a stop at the Centennial Museum. The guest fee is waived for Rubicon Estate Wine Club members, residents of Napa Valley, and those under 21 who are with an accompanying adult. If you’re interested in joining the wine club of the Rubicon winery Napa, there are a few different tiers of membership. Members enjoy discounts on all wines, and they can choose an individualized program based on their wine preference, ensuring that you can continue to enjoy the Rubicon wines long after you return home from your Napa getaway.

Rubicon wines take nine forms and currently are available in seven vintages. The flagship Rubicon wine is a blend mainly of Cabernet Sauvignon, which was planted on the Estate vineyard in 1882. Other grapes grown on the property include Merlot, Syrah, and Cabernet Franc. The Rubicon Estate can also host events, under the direction of an executive chef who pairs Rubicon wines with exquisite cuisine. While the estate does not have the permits to host weddings or wedding receptions, other special occasions can be accommodated at the Estate, and it's a beautiful place to visit during a honeymoon in wine country. If you’re looking for a bit of history on your next winery tour in Napa Valley, Rubicon is the vineyard to head for.

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