Rubicon Centennial Museum

The Rubicon Centennial Museum is a historical accompaniment to the traditional winery tour at this lovely Rutherford estate. Included in the $25 admission price, the museum displays artifacts from the beginning of the original Inglenook winery founded on the same site in 1880 and beyond. This unique element of the Napa Valley Rubicon Estate draws visitors who are looking for more than a traditional winery tour. The family is just as intertwined with the history as the wine. At one of the most popular historic Napa wineries wine enthusiasts and history buffs alike will be impressed by the holdings of the museum. A detailed history of founder Gustave Niebaum is revealed, along with a collection of old Inglenook vintages. You’ll hardly believe the label when it reads "Vintage 1906."

The Rubicon Centennial Museum also holds the Captain’s Room, which was the first tasting room on-site, created when the winery was under the direction of Niebaum. Photographs reveal just how innovative the engineering of the original winery was for its time. Not all historic Napa wineries revere their past so highly, as guests can see by the many black and white photographs displayed in the museum. From field workers at Inglenook to the original gravity-flow process (at that time an engineering marvel), a real pride in the history of the winery can be seen. The Napa Valley Rubicon has become known almost as much for its history, as for its world-class wines, making it a unique stop on any wine-tasting tour in the region.

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